Killer gets death for betrayal of trust, diabolical killing
H A Eklavya | 04 Apr 2008

Killer gets death for betrayal of trust, diabolical killing 


4 APRIL, 2008

It is well said "To get justice, it takes time" and though it took more than ten long years, but finally it ruled and the accused of diabolical killing got the death penalty.

The Supreme Court of India upheld the death penalty awarded to a youth who killed three teenaged siblings of his friend a decade ago despite living with them like a family member for four years. A Bench comprising Justice P P Naolekar and Justice Lokeshwar Singh Panta ruled that enormous crimes like multiple murders must entail death sentence.

Ratifying the death sentence for Prajeet Kumar Singh of Bettiah town in West Champaran district of Bihar, the bench said, "The murder was committed for a motive which evinces total depravity and meanness". It fell in the category of "the rarest of the rare" cases, fit for death penalty, it added.

Rejecting the convict's plea that he was framed, the Apex Court agreed with the High Court that the motive for the crime was difficult to fathom. But both the courts stressed that motive became secondary once the chain of events, corroborated by eyewitnesses, clearly showed that Prajeet had mercilessly assaulted the three kids, the boy died on the spot while his two sisters succumbed to their wounds in the hospital later.

The whole story is nothing but a betrayal of trust, as Prajeet had gained entry as a tenant into Pawan's newly constructed house at Supriya Road in Mirja Toli of Bettiah town in 1993 through the latter's son Prakash, who was the convict's friend. Both had studied together in Saraswati Shishu Mandir and stayed in the hostel. He had agreed to pay a rent of Rs. 500 per month for a single room.

After living there for four years, Prajeet stopped paying the rent and dilly dallied for 8 months while trying to avoid the landlord. On April 18, 1998, the convict had dinner with Pawan's family. On being asked about the rent, he said the landlord had to accompany him to his village for it. Later in the night, the landlord and his wife woke up to the agonizing cries of the three children, who were sleeping a floor below them i.e, on the second floor of the house. When they rushed down, Prajeet turned on them too with the murder weapon, a dagger. After assaulting the entire family, the convict jumped from the second floor and escaped. He was later arrested by the police and charge-sheeted.