Kolkata Will Go Chennai : Korbo, Larbo , Jitbo Re on the Day of Jamai Sasthi in Bengal

Sunday is the most busy Jamai Sasthi day for Bengali son-in-laws. But nevertheless, all are waiting for the KKR vs CSK match and obviously with the prayer for the victory of KKR and Shah Rukh, the Kolkata jamai with 'Korbo Lorbo Jitbo Re' on lips

KOLKATA KNIGHT Riders (KKR) is till now numero uno, the number one team of the IPL. But Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is also having the knack of performing better under pressure. In the final they will wait only to  complete their hat trick win and it is their home ground. Never before the CSK bowed their high head before anyone in their home stadium.

On the other hand, KKR is bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement to snatch the glorious victory. It is for the first time they are reaching so high. The boys are fired up to lift the trophy by denying CSK all their home advantage. Well, it may be argued that CSK is the most consistent team in the history of the IPL with two titles and three time finalist excluding this match. They posted always a decent score. Skipper Dhoni consistently showed his nerves for delightful batting display. Their performance although had just been extraordinary. They deserved the win against Delhi DareDevils. Dhoni is beaming with confidence after he has proved himself as one of the best batsmen. He has just shot down what T20 batting should be like. Helicopter bowling , they called it- 51 off 20 against Mumbai and 23 off 10 against Delhi’s fiery bowling. Dhoni has a taste for the big match like no other skipper- one 50 over World Cup, a T20 World Cup  and two IPLs. There are also players like Bravo who dances down  the pitch and in the outfield. CSK has made it a habit to win when it comes to the big final. Against this KKR will have to fight so hard to make their owner Shah Rukh rush for somersault with the Trophy in hand this time.

Well, there are some advantages for KKR. Kolkata people know that it will be a tough fight with Chennai Super Kings. But the knights are no less confident in fighting the kings. Shah Rukh is the Kolkata Jamai (Son –in-law). Kolkata expects their jamai  Shah Rukh to win. Now Gautam Gambhir knows better than all what to do and what not to do. In Chennai, slow bowlers  decide the winner and KKR is way ahead  on this count. KKR won by five wickets against Chennai in their last meet at Chepauk. The KKR may be nostalgic and the team is already boiling. It is never so thrilling for them as to beat CSK this time. When the Super Kings are bad , they prove miserably bad on all fronts- bowling and batting. According to law of averages also, KKR is in an advantageous position. For CSK, the win will be the third in row, and third win is very rare and difficult. Lastly, there is overconfidence and in spite of Dhoni’s cool, this can mar the winning spree of CSK. The KKR is just the opposite. So fresh and exhilarating they look.

Kolkata fans are no less ready with Shah Rukh for the celebration . It is for the first time in the last four years. From celebrity to common man all are ready for it. Madan Mitra , the Sports Minister of West Bengal already  started for Chennai with 100 cricket lovers and is now waiting for the CM’s permission  to watch the game. Mamata Banerjee, who regards Shah Rukh as the state brand ambassador is expected to give the permission . The Youth welfare minister  Arup Biswas is also ready to go  for arranging passes for the entry of the Tollywood filmstars. Rituparna Sengupta regretted her inability to Juhi Chawla .But she too will watch  the game with the members of her family. Prasenjit will also follow Rituparna and prefers TV show. He went to Pune with Shah Rukh  wearing the jersey of Pune Warriors on the day of match against Saurav. Jit is yet in two minds to go to Chennai. Koel Mallck is awfully busy, but will enjoy the match on TV screen.

She is impatient to wait till Sunday. Rudranil Ghosh and Sujit Mukhopadhyay will watch the match on TV but  Sujit will wear the KKR jersey which he had bought four years ago. KKR has now changed the jersey design. Only this year the chance comes for Sujit, to watch the Final Match with the  old KKR jersey . The director of  the hit film ‘Bhoot er Bhovishyot’ (Future of Ghosts) is also enthusiastic about the match.

Shah Rukh Khan himself may not come. If that happens really, that is the saddest part of the story and the KKR team should not feel demoralised by that any way.