shilpa kanan | 10 May 2009

Go and VOTE for the right person

IN MY school days, I had Indian History as a part of my syllabus. I just want all of you to read this article and imagine the situation.

Calcutta was named the capital of British India during the period from 1772 until 1911. But during the early 1900s, a proposal was made to the British administration to shift the capital of the Indian Empire from Calcutta to Delhi. The shift was necessary for the Britishers because Calcutta was located on the Eastern coast of India, whereas Delhi was located in Northern India and the British government felt that it would be easier to administer India from Delhi rather than from Calcutta. Thus, King George V, the then ruler, made the announcement that the capital of the Raj was to be shifted from Calcutta to Delhi. Delhi had previously served as the political and financial centre for several rulers and dynasties.

Calcutta or Kolkata, as it is now known, was split into two parts – one British, one Indian, also known as ‘Black Town’. The city underwent rapid industrial growth in the 1850s, especially in the textile and jute sectors; this caused a massive investment in infrastructure projects like rail roads and telegraphs.

The reason I am sharing this with you, is because we all know that ‘old is gold’. This may seem uninteresting to you but I want you people to think that if Kolkata were still the capital and Delhi were like any other underdeveloped state, what would be the present scenario? Would Delhi have been the same as it is now? Delhi is much more developed as compared to the other states, but what about these other states? I want my India to be at the level where the other developed countries are, and I think that all Indians want the same thing. So, go out and vote for the right person, if you want the India of your dreams!