krishna River is in spate

In Andhra pradesh now the entire krishna River belt is in grip of flood. first time after 1998 the Srisailam Dam is receiving the inflows of more than Nine lakh cusecs.


Struggled with shortage of rains, now the state of Andhra Pradesh is facing a different situation of deluge in the entire state. Because of the influence in the deep depression in the Bay of Bengal the entire Andhra Pradesh is in the grip of hectic rains.
The entire catchment area of Krishna River is on spate and due to that heavy inflows are coming in to Srisailam Project. According to the evening of Thursday the Srisailam Reservoir is getting the inflows of over nine Lakh Cusecs. The reservoir is full of its capacity (265 TMCs) and all gates were opened for 40 feet height. Owing to this an amount of eight lakh Cusecs of water is coming to Nagarjunasagar Reservoir. Already the 405 TMC capacitiy Dam is full of 300 TMC water. The inflows are said to be continued for two or three days according to engineers.  If the same is maintained the Nagarjunasagar Dam would be filled by Friday evening itself. Right now because of the heavy inflows 3.50 TMC of water is coming to the Dam. More over the depression in the Bay of Bengal is still active and because of its influence heavy to heavy rains may continue in the state for at least a couple of days.
The city of Kurnool is already facing a complex situation due to heavy rains as well as the back waters of Srisailam Project. Hour by hour the inflows are raising but the water releasing from the Project is not rising in accordance to that. This makes the city population panic. In the year 2006 the same situation was aroused and then some 20 people had to die. The situation now appears more grave than that what the people told. In the year 1998 the Krishna River was flown like this and then an amount of eight Lakh Cusecs of water had to release to the Bay of Bengal.