Kurukshetra to organize student seminar to feminize self-study skills through group work and supportive learning environment
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 05 May 2014

A five-day students’ seminar on self-study skills is going to be held from May 5 to 9 at Kanya Gurukul, Kurukshtra, by emphasizing group work and a skill support system, the elements central to feminist pedagogy.

According to the resource person of the workshop, Dr. Lalit Kishore,  the main aspect of the seminar that will be attended by about 30 girls of senior classes will be a shift towards self-learning with feminist pedagogy, “Self-learning begins when we start 'learning how to learn' and with practice achieve mastery on the learning processes and self-study skills and techniques,” he said.


According to the coordinator of the workshop, it is being exceedingly felt that self-learning is more effective than the conventional classroom instruction for students over the age of 14 years. The students, high school onward, should not only learn the content but also learn the applications of self-learning skills.

The need for the self-study skills is also necessary since the amount of technical information generated in our world is doubling every 2 years or due to the knowledge explosion. If a senior student gets even moderately interested in a subject, by creating some empowering and pleasurable routines and emphasizing self-study assignments, teachers can make the subject grows on their students.

Also, cultivation of good self-study habits is critical to successful learning. It is through self study sills, students’ brains struggling to form patterns, apply higher order thinking skills of over-viewing, analyzing, synthesizing and reviewing to cover the same general information from a different source, a different book, or a podcast, or a lecture or a video, feel the organizers of the seminar. According group work during the seminar and sharing of knowledge has been made central in the seminar.