Kya Jitega Madhya Pradesh?
Eternal | 28 Jan 2008

JUST TEN months to go for state elections in heart of incredible India, and fracas in Congress internal issues with black spot of Dampar scandal on young CM of BJP Shivraj C. It’s been a situation of trauma for voters of central India. Looking at the recent history of state, which clearly shows that whether pro minority Congress have ruled it for ten years or three chief ministers of current ruling party so called fundamentalist BJP, even after fifty years of its formation the state of affairs related to basic issues have been same, peace lover Madhyapradeshi’s are still bagged by political parties for vote on basic needs such as electricity, water and infrastructure, which mainly include roads.
With Impact of globalisation on other states of country heart of nation is still fighting with these diseases to come out of the blue of BIMARU (Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, UP) province.
It’s true to some degree that things have been changed in “Shanti ka tapu” (Ireland of peace)in last few years but glory for that particular development can’t be taken by any government if its congress or BJP. Well leaving state development at snails pace behind, Indore (the industrial capital) of state striving hard to get identity with one of the upcoming mega city of India. The proven result of Indori’s weather in regards to best mall of the year or India’s best BRTS (bus rapid transit system) system shows contribution of citizens more then gifts for the city granted through NH 86{Indore-Bhopal highway}.
Well, with the knock of caste politics in MP via Bundelkhand, in the name of BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) can emerge as a new player in 08 elections, as movements getting wild fire in Vallabh Bhavan for the demand of separate state, upcoming elections will see some changes in legislative assembly. But the important issue, which is to be talked about that weather a Maharaj from Raghogad or Mahant from Guna, either experienced fundamentalist or tribal leader takes over Shamla hills this year.
If difference can be seen in basic things and infrastructure development with exploring tourism power of tiger state and maintaining its beauty of heritage along with adding catalyst to economic zones. And the alias for all these imagination can be drawn on real canvas from Jabalpur to Jhabua and Morena to Mandsaur, and then it will be real victory of cold-blooded peace lovers of Madhya Pradesh. Now the time will show, Kya Jitega Madhya Pradesh?