Lack of spirituality in today's generation
GAYATRI ARORA | 28 Feb 2011

Spirituality is losing day by day in youths in this competitive and race for earning money,earning money made the people blind and they are day by day forgetting the divine gift of god i.e spirituality.

SPIRITUALITY GUIDES us to wisdom, vision, gentleness and care for others. Holiness mainly encompasses benevolence. It leads us onto the path of the peace,love,bliss and contentment. But in contemporary soiceity, life seems very tough, and has hardening effect on us. Everyone is living for their own interest and emotions have been neglected. The world seems to be callous and the people living in this world cold hearted.

Undoubtedly lack of spirituality brings into question the very existence of our humanity. If god has given us a heart,we are also given emotions to complement this physical oragan. Today,however,life is so demanding that the softer feelings are almost forgotten. Mental stress quickly leads to anger and consequently,we are losing patience. Society is turning out to be belligerent. Money is the prime reason for this. People now have a consumerist bent of mind and believe that only riches can comfort them and fulfill their dreams.
They forget that in this cut throat competition,we have forgotten internal spirit that needs to be pleased?In this aggressive world we have one thing in our mind,and that is money. The goal of life is money. People are almost driven by greed. They do not realize that health cannot provide fulfillment. Nothing can supply us generosity and tolerance.

God has given us birth,we should value it. Competiting for wealth to gain happiness can never be the solution;endurance is an important ingredient of spirituality and we should remember it. We should spare some time in search for peace and real pleasure. We cannot buy our concrete gratification,only achieve it by working for it since we cannot attain it unless our heart is pure.

Working with spirituality is one of the best way of being happier in this stressed lifestyle. It is feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. Spirituality is necessary for enhancing onces confidence and may at first glance seem to be outcome of positive events,but it actually comes from within.

Spirituality should not be lost. We should respect ourselves as human beings and as individuals with our ow specific identity and should then work in their direction of tranquility. Things may turn worse but the spirit should always burn bright. Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and acceptance of love once more into our hearts.