language is a beauty
mathai | 07 Nov 2014

we grant respectability to anything by suffixing it with 'ism'. extremism survives becoz of its 'ism' tag

language is a beauty. english is the queen.
the queen is english.

we call simple straight forward selfishness by
the name fundamentalism. we admire dirty cruelty
calling it fascism. we accept killers' psychology
by naming it terrorism.

ism is the in thing. we grant respectability to
anything by suffixing ism to it. extremism survives
becoz of its ism tag.

it is ok to play with words if the time is right.
but we started off when not much of it was left.
with a tweet on the shooting incident in kashmir.
when the army shot the car which did not stop
at a check post and killed two teenagers.

my friend tweeted 'had they been terrorists...'
i replied 'do not use this had been clause carelessly.
becoz the they could be you or me'. he retorted
'if you move carelessly in a sensitive area , you
run the risk ...'. i said 'you make the area where
they are destined to live sensitive and expect them
to love your shooting skill...'. he said 'people
deliberately cross the bullets' path and then
claim sympathy.'

i said 'this is a dangerous bend. drive
cautiously. becoz the very same words could be
borrowed by every speeding bullet and any
piercing knife.' he is yet to respond.

but i have decided to quit. i prefer to die
if kill is the only other option.

terrorism is an ism too. like counter
terrorism. and that probably is the schism
which we , they and us , refuse to address.

language is a beauty. the queen may be english.
but the king should be an indian. that is someone
from the indian subcontinent. a continent himself.