Late Rajiv Gandhi proposed but Haryana C.M, Bhupindner Hooda disposed
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 12 May 2014

Late Rajiv Gandhi has brought anti-defection law to clean the politics from horse trading. But shockingly, Haryana Chief Minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda had killed the spirit of anti-defection law made by his mentor.

Hooda not only engineered defections from Janhit Congress Party but his speaker is sitting on the petition filed by Kuldeep Bishnoi, President of the party seeking disqualification of defectors from his party. Ironically, term of the Assembly is nearing for completion but there seems to be no hope of judgement, thus defeating the very purpose of filing the petition. Independents and defectors from Janhit Congress were given ministerial posts.

Equally shameful act of Hooda is his act of defending sports minister, Sukhbir Kataria who is accused of winning the last Assembly polls from Gurgaon Assembly constituency on the basis of bogus as an  independent candidate. 

Kataria is supporting Hooda Govt. and he has been rewarded with

a ministerial post by Hooda. More than a dozen cases has be en registered against Kataria at Gurgaon at instance of courts for making bogus votes in connivance

With officials but Gurgaon Police reportedly under pressure from the Chief Minister is not pursuing the case. It seems that Gurgaon Police will not file Callahan against Kataria till end of his term as a legislator.

Recalled that in last assembly Polls, Congress party has won only forty seats thus short of six seats for forming the Govt..Independents were inducted in Govt. in lieu of their support to the minority Govt .Not satisfied with, Hooda engineered defections from Janhit Congress Party to strengthen his Govt.

Addressing a public meeting at Gohana in Sonipat district, Hooda had proudly declared that  in last elections his party got only forty seats but overnight he converted the forty figure to fifty four .Till now Late Bhajan Lal was known as Ph,d  in politics of defection but it seems that Hooda has torn his degree .Dr.Ramesh  Madaan ,academician and political thinker said that  by encouraging defections, Congress party has  degraded Rajiv Gandhi adding that cases of defections should be decided quickly.

During his tenure as chief minister, Bhupinder Hooda has turned Congress party as his personal property by winning over the support of Sonia Gandhi, Congress chief through his son-in law, Robert Vadhrea by helping him in land deals in Gurgaon. Such was his clout with Sonia Gandhi that he had stalled the induction of Birender Singh in Union Govt. even after he was officially informed by the Prime Minister Office about his joining the cabinet .Instead of giving any importance to party workers Hooda depended heavily on his relatives and bureaucracy. Police was given free hand to commit atrocities on people.