Lathi charge on teachers in Bihar
Jagan jha | 13 Jul 2009

Patna- Around the Bihar Assembly on Friday at R Block Chauraha newly appointed primary school teachers working Pthrav then the police run the clubs.

In this instance, dozens of teachers and ten policemen were injured in mishap. Many people have been admitted to the hospital. RJD legislator Shakeel Ahmad are also injured. Performance due to the capital from 12 noon until two o'clock traffic was affected. The demonstrators Monday to teachers statewide indefinite boycott of classes is declared.

Proficiency test to parry, to pay, on terms approved nine-point demands, including the permanent appointment of teachers in support of the Panchayat and R. procession started from Gandhi Maidan square blocks and the assembly was reached. In support of teachers and leaders of political parties reached a legislator. Provocative speech in the House, then came to Tas demonstrators and the police began to throw on the obstacle. Despite the appeal of the police, the police did not stop Rodebaji the fountain and tears Gase shells left. However, the circumstances are out. Meanwhile - in between demonstrators Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Principal Secretary of the Department of Education and the Education of the slogans were against.


One-hour battle between police and the panchayat teachers continued. Jitendra Kumar, DM and the SSP Armlar Vidi access the situation on the spot and tried to control. Earlier, thousands of teachers because of the demonstrators on the square bungalow mail transport system Crmra was 45 minutes. Traffic on the square to make sustained nearly a half hour the police had to struggle. The demonstrators in the capital because of Fraser Road, Gandhi Maidan and R. Square block at 12 pm to 2 pm back to the traffic barrier system . Because of the crowd of demonstrators at the Patna junction to catch the train to the lot of the problem. The police administration had given the traffic jam to turn the system had given. Performance in the State of Bihar, including newly appointed primary teachers union federations participated.


Dharmendra Singh, president of the Union, General Secretary Prem, compassionate dependent Mo, general secretary of the Primary Teachers Association. Mushtfa free, Bihar Welfare Forum of Teacher Education and coordinator believer Sharma, Nirmal Kumar Goswami, Ramanuja Kumar, Sivendra Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Pathak, Prabhat Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Singh, Hreram Mhto, Ms. Soni, Pramod Mohan Singh, Ms. Mnjusha, Sudha Kumari , Bala brightness, Bbita Kumari, Madhubala Naidu, Om Prakash Gaur, Ms. Renuka, Vijay Kumar, including thousands of teachers took part in the assembly program Gerav.