Lavaris India

India is sourrnded by hostile neighbors and our forces are not capable to ensure our independence. with China and Pakistan having same aim to divide our country there is need for strong political system and strong defence forces

Hit a street dog been with a stone it immediate reaction is howling and barking for a while before starting normal activity in search of goodies. This scene is repeated any number of times. Pakistan from day one of its birth is bleeding India on one pretext or other, creating mischief and encouraging terrorist attack all over our country. Response pattern of our govt.
Military type attack on Mumbai by handful of Pakistan trained commandos had put India to national shame and shattered its dignity, that too when intelligence of impending attack was available. We the followers of non violence gulped down the humiliation with no reaction. Gen V. P. Malik (Retd) previous Army Chief attributes poor infrastructure and systemic failures to counter proxy war (repeated terror attacks). During last two decades of terrorism our 65000 security personnel have either lost their life or badly mutated while 11500 Pakistanis were killed and over 95000 weapons and 7000 quintals RDX were seized from them. These casualties far exceed we sustained in Bangladesh war. If this is not war I wonder war is.
Our politicians use terrorism as a tool for electoral advantages, to garner minority votes; national security is non issue for them. Crippling restrictions have been imposed on security forces and will not permit it to operate in normal manner, thereby forcing them to tackle terrorism with their hands tied at their back. They have failed to understand the importance and methodology of armed forces. Lackadaisical attitude of India has compelled US state Deptt. and organizers of cyber forensics course of UK to bar Indians from training.
Govt. fearing military coup and take over, has been deliberately contributing to steady erosion of the status and izzat of the Armed Forces in the national security matrix by creating multiple organizations like BSF, ITBP, CISF etc. thus diluting security set up. Humiliation of service personnel is part of well thought-out strategy. Till recently chiefs of armed forces responsible for the security of entire nation had to undergo physical security search at airports. Their status was further eroded by babudom even while implementing 6th CPC recommendations as approved by Cabinet. Defense veterans, for the first time any where in world, have resorted to non violent dharna and hunger strike against govt. attempt to divide forces in various categories like pre 96, pre and post 2006. Day is not far off when forces will be ordered to offer dharna and hunger strike before invading foreign armies. This has great demoralizing impact on troops and generated negative impact on youngsters. In spite of large scale unemployment youth are not coming forward to lead the troops, nearly 12000 officers vacancies are up for garb but no taker. Leadership at grass root level of army is posing problems due to shortage..
Corruption in purchase of military hardware, which started with Jeep scandal case immediately after independence, is continuing process. Failure to upgrade hardware resulted in shameful defeat in 1962. We all know terrorist camps are mostly located in POK. In 1994 our parliament passed resolution stating that entire J&K, including POK, is part of India. If that so what prevents government to knock out these camps, but this requires strong army and politicians of steel frame. Unfortunately we are deficient in both. We badly lack strategic concept of national security which resulted is neglecting proper security measures. Also lust and greed of Indians has given birth to many Mir Jaffars and Jai Chands.
We must remember that China and Pakistan have in place strategic treaty for mutual help and defense. They have same aim to weaken India and split it in many small independent countries. Before British arrival India was not single political entity. Seeds for division were already sown in 1947. J&K. NEFA, Khalistanies are clamoring for independence and many more are waiting in wings. Indian nationalism is sum total of region religion, caste, language and so on nationalisms and any one can inflict huge damage to our wellbeing.
India needs strong centre to rule with iron fist and strong defense forces to safe guard national integrity. Our relations with most of our neighbor are not very cordial; same is the case with nations on West coast of Arabian Sea. Danger to our safety is always there. Present political set up in not capable of ensuring our safety and well being and need to be changed. Nation can linger on for some time with existing set up but forces can’t.
What form and shape it should take is for intelligentsia to ponder and propagate its implementation.



But that requires strong uring this .Frustrated and angry armed force veterans had to resort to hunger strike and dharna demanding restoration of their IZZAT (Self respect.) from their own government in peaceful manner The day is not far when our forces will be forced to adopt Ghandian type peaceful satyagrah before invading foreign elements. Frustration and demoralization of forces doesn’t auger well for the country. Countrymen in our democratic society you are supreme authority, come out openly to support your armed Forces to preserve independence. Histories are in habit of repeating itself and remember our independence is only recently acquired.

Open Letter to Voters of Haryana

Most of the families of Haryana have one or two sons are employed in Army. In fact they are the backbone of country Defense system. It is because of these we live with dignity as free nation. The nation is grateful to these brave soldiers. But alas our Govt. treats them so shabbily that they feel frustrated and demoralized. Their pay and status is worst than class 4 employee like Cleaning staff, Dhobi or peon. Govt. retires majority of them just after 15 years of service on meager pension hardly sufficient for survival. Govt. prefers to employ corrupt and indiscipline person on jobs that trained and discipline retired soldiers. This coupled with failure of our diplomacy has shaken the confidence of citizens in the ability of government to protect the country from external aggression. We have no friendly country in our neighborhood and nations on periphery of Arabian Sea.