Leadership Initiative for Excellence seminar from 1-4 August 2013
Brijesh Bhatt | 31 Jul 2013

Leadership Initiative for Excellence (LIFE), an initiative by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation is Scheduled to be held at The Cladriges, Surajkund, Delhi NCR from August 1, 2013 - August 4, 2013, the Forum brings together educationists, film-makers, academicians, philosophers, leaders and young university students from across the world in an attempt to create synergy which will ignite the creative sparks for social action in the future. GELF is an annual endeavour to create a platform for students with leadership skills to interact, exchange ideas, and empower them as thinkers and change-makers.

The 21stCentury has thrown up challenges never faced before. LIFE aims to develop in young leaders from Khemka’s Leaders Forum, ethics, values and skills, and stimulate them to make the world of tomorrow a better place.With a series of conferences, symposiums, dialogues and seminars represented by a panel of luminaries, guides and mentors for the students, the Conference is designed to develop positive attitude, spiritual mindset, spirit of contribution, courage to face challenges, and explore solutions for social action.

Students from Young Leaders Forum, in strong action plan groups working in areas of Poverty and Inequity, Environment and Sustainability, Demographic Challenges, Corruption and Governance, will create two-minute films under the guidance of leading mentors. With its strong focus on creating social sensitivty and action, LIFE is the Foundation’s initiative to build a future generation which is not only aware of global issues but also willing to take change and create sustainable impact.

According to Mr. Shiv Khemka, Executive Chairman of t GELF,“Leadership without ethics and altruism is not leadership. Leadership without personal leadership is a mirage. Leadership without effective execution is futile.”

LIFE 2013 – The Mentors

Dr Karan Singh, Visionary(Member of the RajyaSabha& Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir), ShyamBenegal(Film Director), PrakashIyer (Author & Managing Director: Kimberly Clark Lever Pvt. Ltd.), Dr. Karen Tse (Human Rights Activist), AdiAltschuler(Education Manager-Google Israel & Founder of “Krembo Wings”, Entrepreneurship in Education), Charlie Kim  (Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Next Jump), Giovanna Mingarelli(Co-Founder: M&C Consulting), Julian Marwitz(Founder – Arineos, Real Estate Development, Energy Efficiency), Narkis Alon(Co – Founder: ZE-ZE.org, Youth engagement: building a community around your project), Prof. William Gaudelli(Associate Professor of Social Studies and Education), Rabbi MichaOdenheimer (Founder–TevelB’tzedek, Rabbi, Journalist, & Social Entrepreneur), YanivRivlin(Programme Officer–Schusterman Foundation, Networks and Philanthropy)

Examples of Inspirational Young Leaders supported by tGELF

Reena Kumari,Swami Sivananda – Khemka Scholar, 2010 is a true example of a young student who with tremendous grit, determination and strength of belief, has not permitted her economic background to hinder her dreams and aspirations. Reena was awarded a scholarship to attend the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped where she completed her Diploma Education with a specialization in Mental Retardation. With tGELF’s continued support, Reena is now attending English-speaking classes at Inlingua, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) through the School of Open Learning as well as training as a Special Educator at the CASP-PLAN Disability Project, GyanJyoti Kendra, New Delhi. The daughter of a peanut vendor, Reena continues to aspire and would like to be a leader in her area of interest – Special Education

Radhika Mehraa Khemka Scholar, pursuing Bachelor of Visual Communication with specialization in Graphic Designing for the session 2012-2016. She will be pursuing a Bachelor of Design in Imaging Arts and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. Profoundly deaf since birth, Radhika has overcome the challenges of learning to speak and listen by sketching pictures to illustrate her needs. Art is her window to this world. Radhika aims to own her art studio where she would like to give opportunity to other special people like her. A perfectionist, Radhika says, “tGELF helps me by making me more confident and giving me the opportunity to meet more people who help and guide me.”