?Leave Me Alone' campaign urges prime minister to ensure tiger protection
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 10 Aug 2013

On the occasion of Global Tiger Day, July 29, a petition to the Prime Minister of India sent by highlighting that the tiger is caught in the crossfire of forest destruction and poaching, and is fast slipping towards extinction. According to the petition being sent via sanctuaryasia.com, the tiger's slide is being mirrored by a rising tide of climate-related problems facing every country in the world, and particularly India.

 'The Leave Me Alone' campaign of the Sanctuary Asia magazine is meant to strengthen plea and enlist the support for protection of tigers by its signing by as many people as possible. The magazine has given a fact sheet to explain how ‘saving tigers saves humans and the climate’ and a sensitization message to politicians and developers.

"Tigers and humans are large mammals. Tigers and humans have similar needs. Tigers need clean water and a stable climate. Humans need clean water and a stable climate. Forests provide clean water and a stable climate, ipso facto, tigers and humans need forests," states the fact sheet.

It has been further stated, "If you want to save lots of biodiversity, saving tigers is an excellent way to go about it. Why? Tigers are apex predators. Because they are at the top of the food chain, and need undisturbed forests to survive, all of the forest that we save for the tiger protects every other plant and animal within it, and all those outside it that benefit from clean water and a stable climate."

According to the campaign organizers, we need to release that some people hunt tigers and destroy their forests voraciously to harm their own and their children’s futures.

"Join us in persuading politicians and developers to stop the destruction of the water-generating, climate-calming, biodiversity-protecting forests of India. Help the tiger’s voice be heard: Leave Me Alone,” urge the campaign organizers.

If you wish to join the campaign, follow the link below to sign the petition.