Lecture on Ecological concerns of our time at BIT Patna.
Om Prakash | 26 Jan 2011

A lecture was delivered by Director of Tarumitra, an organisation committed for the conservation of Environment. He was also accompanied research scholars from foreign univrsities.

Tarumitra at BIT Patna Campus

Importance of Eclogical concerns of our time.

Patna, January 13, 2011: Director of Tarumitra, an organization committed to work for the conservation of Environment; Father Robert Ethical with Four Foreign Research Scholars from South American Universities delivered the lecture on “Importance of Ecological concerns of our time and interacted with the students of BIT and CUB.

Today we are living in a very fast developing world, where we want to avail  every comfort on comprise with the environment. We are destroying ecological balance by our current practices of living, which is not good for the sustained life on earth. It is a matter of concern that how we can do development without causing harm to nature. The solution is sustainable development where we consider all the factors together either it is environment, economics or the society said Dy. Director Dr. S.P. Lal in his welcome speech. He expressed his immense pleasure to have Father Robert Ethical and four foreign Research Scholars at BIT Campus.

Father presented the overview of Tarumitra and its work in the field of conservation of Environments. He said that United Nations has certified and appreciated the works of Tarumitra for the sake of conservation of Environment. One part of his presentation was very interesting he showed his observation on mosquito bite. According to him mosquito bite is not harmful to us, it is a creature made by almighty to make your body active and respond to germs of diseases. He also showed how one can reduce the use of electricity by adopting some of the simple practices. Tarumitra Ashram based in Digha, Patna. Its building is fully eco-friendly and made through the waste collected from the construction sites of different localities of Patna. There were more than 1400 types of trees were there, but now we have only 15 who are also on the verge of extinction.

He expressed congratulations and all the best to the students of BIT for taking initiative to make the Annual National level Technical Festival of the Institute TECHNIKA’11 Carbon Neutral.

Om Prakash, Advisor, of TECHNIKA’11 and Chairman of IEEE Student Branch of BIT Patna presented vote of thanks.

Earlier, all the four foreign Research Scholar introduced themselves and presented the colourful nation to us.