Lessons for BJP from Kejriwal's victory
Satbir Singh Bedi | 16 Feb 2015

Arvind Kejriwal's victory shows that people are not interested in the field of External Affairs of the country. They care to hoot for the number of times Obama comes to India or Modi goes to UN or BRICS or Sushma Swaraj goes to China.

They are not interested in how much investment has come to India or how much disinvestment has taken place. They are also not impressed or unimpressed by how Sensex moves. What they are interested in is freebies and a corruption free India. This has not been taken care of by BJP.

In the nearly last one year since the time BJP has taken over the Central Government in India, it has done nothing to remove corruption which is still increasing day by day.  No raids have been conducted on tax evaders and smugglers. Hoarding is still continuing and nothing has been done on this front also.

The Government Inspectors are taking things easy and Customs & Excise officers are just relaxing and minting money.  The prices have hardly come down and common man is suffering due to a non-functioning Central Government.  Swachh Abhiyaan, cleanliness drive has been launched but the municipalities of the country including Delhi are doing nothing.  

So, the need of the hour is to get the system working and start raiding the premises of the tax evaders, smugglers, film stars who are notorious for hiding income and recover taxes so that the money recovered could be spent for providing freebies to the public ensuring at the same time that there is no corruption in the distribution of the freebies.  

Only in this way, the BJP can regain its lost prestige.  Hindutva programme does impress committed voters of BJP but BJP has now to snatch votes from the left oriented Congress, BSP, AAP, etc. to come home as a winner.  Hence the need for giving freebies also.