Let Nepal be merged with India and called Gorkhaland
Satbir Singh Bedi | 13 Aug 2013

The demand for Gorkhaland consisting of hill districts of West Bengal having majority of Gorkha population has surfaced again. This demand is the result of formation of states on linguistic basis. In the first place, it was sheer foolishness on the part of the leaders of India to have formed states on linguistic basis which led to such demands like that of Gorkhaland.

 The Mughals had a very good administration but their states were not based on linguistic basis but on administrative convenience. For example, the Mughal state of Bangal consisted of the present state of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa and Bangladesh but the administration remained very smooth.

Now the demand for a separate Gorkhaland would lead to demand for a separate Bodoland, a separate Jat land, Khalistan, a separate Mopla land, a separate Malabar land, a separate Palghat land and the list is endless.

Already, an SP Minister of UP Govt. has demanded a Muslim state in the Western parts of U.P. This will virtually lead to breaking up of India into thousand states on the basis of caste, region and creed and invite foreign invasion and then a slavery for thousand of years. Hence this demand is fraught with grave danger and should not be acceded to.

However, admittedly Gorkhas are a very patriotic people and contributed in a large way to the India's military might and hence a deserve a state but then their real state i.e. Nepal which is a Hindu majority nation should be merged with Hindu majority India and let this newly formed state of Nepal be called Gorkhaland where the Gorkha culture can develop.

We must remember that there is a need to consolidate India rather than breaking up of India and that united we stand, divided we fall.