let us join hands to stop road accidents
Dinesh Chadha | 23 Oct 2010

every day many innocent people are losing their lives in road accidents. we should compel our government to review the traffic laws.

ROAD accidents is the biggest problem of present time Every day many people are killed in road accidents.Not only common man but also big leaders and officers are killaed in these accidents. AS we know deaths in these accidents are not common but painfull deaths. But no one is taking any step to stop these accidents and to save costly lives.NO politician or officer is raising voice for this serious issue.This is the most important issue of present time and we should raise voice for this. While travelling on road we see that there are not any norms for big ehicles likebuses, trucks,tippers etc. Buses are run without any speed limit. AS buses belong to big transporters supportedby government so no police stop them.Pressure horn are used in these buses.Drivers of these buses can take pass any time. They do not care about other vehicles running on roads. their only aim is to collect maximum number of passengers in minimum time.even these buses are being stopped in between the road and hurdle is created for othertraffic.Same is condition in case of trucks etc. These trucks are always overloaded.But no one stops them.To save toll taxes on big roads this trucks run through small roads. this is more dangerous. when on small roads bigger trucks are run, it becomes very risky for small vehicles running there.So for small vehicles running on our roads there is terror with pressure horns,over speed. over loading and wrong croossing of bigger vehicles,which can be said as ROAD TERRORISM.This road terrorism is due to government support to big transporters. Who can stop this game in which everyday many helpless people die mercileesly?Who can stop this road terrorism?If we say that our traffic police can stop this, then we are big fools. onlytraffic police is not able to stop these accidents. we all should be very serious on this issue. We should createa movement to put pressure on our government to review our traffic lawes. without pressure, government will nottake any step,as big transports belong to effective people in government.we should compell government to review the traffic laws. Strict norms should be framed for speed limit,load limit,crossing and pressure horns. trafficpolice should be provided with more power and speed cheque,weight cheque instrments. There should be responsibiltyof traffic police if a vehicle violating traffic rules meet with an accident. Unless this problem is not attended properly innocent people will go on killing everyday, so let us join hands and create a movement for traffic revolution. Dinesh Chadha adv. 09915577950