Let's observe year end & new year in a way we really like!

Everybody with me was angry when they see the news of Mulayam Singh & his chief Minister Son along with party & government enjoying dance & comedy show by Kapil Sharma at Saifai in comparison to hardship faced by the camp people at Muzaffarnagar riot victims. Frankly this was inhuman when public is suffering from coldest year of the era, the representatives are simply enjoying. How Hippocrates is they?

However after moments of Appism, all my friends back in to real world. All of we have reserved our year end enjoyment ticket with us. Its costs were varying from few hundreds to few thousands. Anyhow every one appears to be intoxicated to be an Arvind Kejariwal! Everybody decided to shed New Year’s Party in support with the poor of the country! But how is to do dedication in a moment like year ending & New Year welcoming?

One of my friend suggested that let’s donate our estimated expenditures for betterment of our poor. Let’s donate our estimated money for poor uplifting! Second asked ‘Do you know why they are poor? Isn’t it a fact that because we are affording thus there are poor!!

Second friend’s point is well taken but is it really some affording class for which there is a poor class?

Point is none wanted to make an opinion rather wanted to celebrate AAP’s gift to Delhi Public of free 666 liter of free water! Question is whether quality of water is good or not?

Problem if you give something free, question on quality comes automatically! However let’s focus on point of celebrating Year End & New Year!

My third & subsequent friends (trying to being) being Arvind Kejariwal gave numerous ways to celebrate Year End & New year, out of which 10 points are as below!

1)      If you donate the amount you want to expend in these two days, you could be blessed gracefully! Give blankets to sufferers of cold, you would never die in cold as poor will love you warmth!

2)      Better to live in your home along with your family in the last moments of the year passing through! All relatives including your bloods would be happy to find you near at a moment when a year is ending & another is starting! You can also enjoy the TV!

3)      Guaranteed that you can hear direct words of your own may it be your wife, husband, children or other relatives! In parties it’s just noises!

4)      You don’t need to use dirty toilets which can be aggravating serious diseases!

5)       Travelling from one calendar year to another is historic. But does it warrant a celebration?

6)      What if we use 31st December 2013 in assessing how we fared in this year?

7)      How if we try to correct ourselves on our opinion for the betterment of the polity without being influenced by the so called paid media?

8)      It would be best morning in a new year when you can declare your resolutions with fresh minds. Everybody wishes a fresh mind in the first morning of New Year if you don’t have any hangover!

9)      It’s always normal in middleclass to find consciousness on 2nd of January since 30th December! However despite any party contesting, we celebrate the new Hour which we never deserved?

10)   Point is very simple; we are habituated off the English way of celebrating days not known in our calendar! Will do us now start celebrating only the way our ancients observe?


Simply saying, India has many new years, but 1st January is considered as accepted majority new year! OK, no problem, the bottom line is not to make such days big high middleclass or rich class day, rather a day when our deprived class instead of complaining or competing opt to contest with us confirming that they are not less than equals!