Life after death on Facebook
GAYATRI ARORA | 25 Feb 2011

Social networking has now become one of our habits. But do we ever think what will happen if one day social networking sites disappear off the face of the earth?



Social networking is now become one of our habbit in todays scenario, day by day we people are becoming habbitual to it...did we ever think, "what will to our facebook,orkut,twitter, and all the social networking sites,when we will die..?"
The moments of our lives that we put online can feel as eternal as the Internet itself, but what will happen to our virtual identity after we die?
It's a thorny and the thinkable question, and for now, the answer depends on what are the sites that we daily access. Privacy is a major issue.
Facebook is the place where we shared are day to day happenings with freinds,and there are so many memories that are attached to it. After death, it will surely will serve as your very first memorial.
I mean, it's a basically a catch-all for your memories, with ample of our personal comments, loads of personal information, and pics. It's the first place acquaintances look after someone dies, and the first place the press will look if your death was particularly public or tragic.
Facebook consists of so many of the confidential information, and that connects to all over the world,so privacy is really a big issue..when we all think about the social networking sites.
When a close person of our die "We do honor requests from close family members to close the account completely"...so that death of the particular person,will not hamper his privacy issues.
We should take it as a precaution measure, by leaving our login information behind: we shoul write ourself a will, of sorts! Entrust a family member or spouse with your login info and instruction as to what to do with your profile. It might make for an awkward conversation now, but it'll be worth it.
Really, people are that pathetic they troll their loved ones' Facebook pages? Facebook is clearly too omnipotent at this point.