Life In BPO
Abhishek | 13 Jul 2009

Just wanted to tell the truth of bpo life

While working in international bpo one can learn foreign culture,ethics and languages.Its really very good because we come across to that country which would very far from our reach.
This life is very good,the work environment is unique from other jobs,here instead of dealing with our country's people we have to deal with different country's people.
Officers have to work in 24*7 time period.They think they have guts to fight with nature,they give this answer just to satisfy themself however the reality is totally different even they want to sleep according to nature,means in night.
Employees get two week offs that is very good because if we compare this with government sector jobs they are getting extra offs.However in reality their one day will spend while sleeping and other day goes to complete our personal work.
Employees in BPO always go away from their social life,they have a quest to link themselves to the social life.This is very hard for them to mingle with their society or attend social gathering.Even though most of the times they are not able to clebrate their festivals .
While solving the problem of client they have to wear a fake smile on their face and have to prove themselves that how happy they are while servicing them(clients).
However avoiding everything BPO employees are still contributing a large part in the economic growth of their country and proving themselves that they are really very happy creature in this world.
From my end -Keep doing the good work ,you are the best and you have guts to face all the kind of challenges.