Life of an outstation girl in the city
GAYATRI ARORA | 21 Mar 2011

This is an article that highlights the life of an outstation girl in the city, which is a city of people with heart. It describes what the girl goes through when she arrives in the city.

A CITY! What more could a girl belonging to a small town in one of the most remote parts of the country ask for?It was a place of dreams,one only a few could ever hope of seeing.
So,I landed in Delhi,where I heard dreams were fulfilled,with a whole lot of bags and whole lot more of dreams.Fortunately,my bags did stay on and even not bigger with time but my dreams-unfortunately,about them,I have a different story to tell.
In my perfect picture of the city,which is also considered as the heart of the country,I was living comfortably in a really cost place and everyone I met was a friend.Naive is what i was.I woke up from my dreams to the real world.
The first jolt was when i realised the language barrier.It did feel strange to be communicating in a language which I had heard spoken only in the movies and people on television.In spite of that,I prided myself on being able to grasp a little of what was being said thanks to the many hours of sitting in front of the idiot boX! I admit I still find that some just cannot comprehend how someone who cannot speak a proper sentence of 'their' tongue can understand it.
The second was when I realised that my looks were a little different from a majority of the people here.I painfully discovered that I belonged to a minority group of people who were accustomed to being stared at and made fun of because of their looks.I wouldn't have minded the comments so much if they hadn't sounded as though my looks were inferior.
But then,the words they use still drive me nuts!One friend had a very phylosophical take on this everyday affair;"I want people to be happy and I feel good when i can make anyone happy.If some people can receive happiness by passing such low comments on me,I'm glad that I am the cause of their happiness".May be I and my other friends would do well to take this same path to happiness!
'Eve-teasing' was a word which I had heard,and of the meaning of the word, I had a vague idea.I finally got the clear picture,courtesy the neighbourhood good-for-nothing fellows.Imagine this scene: a girl all alone in a strange new city,still trying to pick up the local language goes to a nearby market and finds herself being teased by some Hoodlums- the perfect stuff of movies.Unfortunately there is no hero to rescue her and no helpful passersby to help her and thus,you can very well conclude that it is not a scene from a movie,rather it is reality,regrettabley, a reality played over and over again in different places at different times.
I could blame the city for making me more irritable,more aggressive but it does me no good.At times, I was and still am disillusioned about my 'exciting' city life. I question myself for having made such a big decision of coming so far away from home. But as life goes on, I learn to appreciate the better things. I make friends,learn new things and see the world with my eyes open.
Everyday I have to go through all the motions of city life but I am not all alone anymore.I have people I can lean on,my friends who have become family to me,my support system. Though we get our regular share of the ugly in the city,we learn to face together. My dreams which were initially crushed have started gaining wings.I dare to dream again