Deepanshi | 19 Jan 2007

Ever wondered why we are on this earth? Why we are slogging upto our neck on this planet on everyday basis? Can anybody answer this question?
Every morning I get up and feel the same about the life. Why there is a fixed time for everything be it day or night?
Every evening I wonder how can earth be so beautiful on daily basis when sun sets? When sun rises it becomes a beautiful & effervescent bride, ready to give everything of hers to the Planet. Why the hell night comes and darkness prevails around everyone?
Never got answers for these questions. I think these questions don’t have answers.
Life is short, have to live it at the fullest. Nothing is there which is permanent.
Only thing which is permanent is CHANGE. May be that’s why nature changes after every 4 months, that’s why time changes, that’s why people changes as circumstances changes
Yesterday only I was watching “A Haunting” on Discovery channel which showed a spirit of a girl child in distress.She was trying to get her free herself from another evil spirirt. Well it was wonderful watching this. BUT do they exist. I really want to believe this. There is a world outside this world of ours. Do people go their after death? It’s a grave question which haunts me everyday and night.
Why the hell people die young? My apology for using these words. BUT cant they be here till their old age? More I think about these questions more I don’t get answers for them.
A mere existence of Death reveals why we are here.
We are here to see the world, to face the people, skirmishes, battles, wars,  confrontations, to feel love, hatred, jealousy, anger, to enlighten ourselves with all the beautiful things on this earth, engulf the power of nature and above all feel the presence of supreme power, to whom we call GOD.
Only GOD has existence  and  interestingly we can not see HIM. We all are puppets in the hand of supreme power. We do whatever HE wants us to do.
The only truth on the earth is GOD. Seasons come and go by the wish of GOD, People die and take birth by the wish of GOD. Forget these things, lets take a simple example of a leaf which falls from a tree by the wish of GOD. GOD is omnipresent.
If we think that we will do this and then do that, its not necessary that it will be done. A mere thought that we can do only, what HE wants us to do, makes our existence miniature. The thought dissolves our existence and we become a microscopic part of  this huge planet which have billions of people like us.