Life should be lived in a balanced way
awareness | 23 Mar 2011

Nostalgia and hindsight can be a source of good learning - especially from our elders. From their lives we learn that one should balance work, leisure and spirituality and not be completely consumed by our hectic lifestyles.

When I was a little girl, I would often wonder why the elders in the house spoke of the golden years and why they missed they days that they had seem in their youth. Now I understand what I have missed and every time I speak to my parents about the life they lived I seem to be transported into another era all together. The times that were and the times that are today are a complete U turn of what there was and what there is in the present. There is a different lifestyle different occupations and a completely different perception towards life.

When I look at my life and that of the people around me , the so called Generation Y, it seems like our ancestors had it much better as they lived a much fuller life despite having lesser resources. We have it all done for us by machines be it cooking or washing or cleaning but still we are always complaining  for the lack of time. No one seems to be happy and there is a an inevitable race on to succeed the person right ahead of you, whether it be school college and even work, there is no place where the pressures to do better are not there.
You start your life and work hard to have a house and a car and family of your own. Soon the house seems small and the car seems too outdated and the pressures surmount to replace the materialistic needs with those in fashion. You may end up having a lot of money, a lot of power in terms of your standing in society, but once you achieved all that you had on your TO DO list in life, then what next?
There are so many bungalows in some of the poshest areas in every city, with a whole fleet of cars standing in the porch and every passerby is bound to let out a series of ooh’s and aah’s when they see the place in its grandeur. But if one was to go into the same house, it would be empty and a volley of servants would come and tell you that the owner hardly stays here, he is travelling for work most of the time and the elders in the family who actually made the house and the child capable to lead such a lifestyle would be old and ailing and lying in a vegetable state in some old age home and if they were lucky enough, they would have passed away and not been a burden on the child.
But the ultimate question is, that once you have lived you life, chasing money and all other things you could have possibly dreamt of that money can buy, then what happens? Do you get to carry pots of gold with you when you die? Does anyone remember you in this world? Did you ever connect with the Lord above and question him why were you sent to the Earth as a human in the first place? 
Will the realisation come that one must stop to smell the roses or will it be too late? Will most of us just live our lives for the heck of living or will we understand that there is more to life that the usual minting money, getting rich affluent and fithy rich only to die a pauper in terms of life’s experiences?
Rightly so as Shakespeare put it, “all the worlds a stage and men and women merely players,” so when this act on the stage of life is over what next?