life under tree
Rashmi Balabantaray | 07 Aug 2009

some communities are far from life as a humanbeing in 21st century.

Families are with them. No difference in any season. A symbiosis relation with the nature. Food habit is changed in seasonal cycle. It may be wrong to say food habit. Because of food is only for live. Life is not for food. Life is not live here. Life only moves in overdue. A very well compromise is between life and struggle. There is no voice of revolt. Realising, voice is in dead beat. Root and branches of the tree are used as the shelf of the house. “A tree without photosynthesis”. From this point, life is burden for them. No mat for sleeping, they are making mat, but sleep on the soil. Really, born from the soil and dead in the soil. It is replicate in their life. No facilities for a human life. Their life pattern push back us to remember the metaphor age. Two pieces of tear clothes and muddy utensils, some siali twine, and some date mat are their vital asset. Night ends in forest, evening rises under tree. Bare body, open sky, red coloured soil is a man made rainbow. Life is till the existence of soil. Kitchen is like as burial ground. Cooked foods are in the sling. One dish is the eating utensils of the kid and stray dog. Body is acquainted with sun, rainy, winter. Body heated in 45? celcius , and cooled in 5degree temperature. If illness starts it ends in death. No education and health facilities. Life’s hatching from the nature’s womb and grow in the hazardous environment. From birth to death life carries in different phase confronting all the obstacles. Despite of all the wrongness, he/she persists as the win soldier. Yes they are enjoying their life with their families. “A classical relationship with the nature’. They are dancing in the rain, singing in the spring .and remain hungry in the autumn. They are enjoying the life fully. May be, it is the source of their survival.


They are bearing in a natural process. No government provision, ASSA is not a hope for them. God belief make them mountain like tolerant, flame like sun.


All external concept of home is failed in accordance with their life. A home without physical infrastructure, without asset, without amusement, without security.


Evolution theory and survival is totally reflected here. It may be a sign of emergence of superman, or a sign of underdevelopment, or a sign of tale towards the developed society.