Linking LPG cylinders to Aadhar Cards : A step full of confusion
TR. Madhavan | 04 Jan 2014

Apparently the oil companies were not prompt in transferring the LPG subsidy amount to the dealers which pushed the Central Government to take the decision of transferring the subsidy amount directly to the consumer’s bank account. To do so they made linking the Aadhaar Card to LPG account mandatory for a consumer.

Some felt that, the information sought by the UIDAI for issuing the Aadhaar Card against the fundamental rights it was challenged in the Supreme Court. Basing on the information from the central government that, possession of Aadhaar Card not mandatory the court passed interim orders stating no citizen should denied government benefits for not possessing Aadhaar Card.


On LPG-Aadhaar Card linkage A P High Court passed orders stating that, the subsidized cooking gas for household purposes should not be curtailed in the name of Aadhaar Card.


Still the oil companies in Hyderabad as they have not received instruction from their respective headquarters to pass on the subsidy amount to the consumer’s bank account continue to pressurize the consumers on Aadhaar Card issue.


When the LPG cylinder price was hiked in October 2013, in the cash bill the subsidy amount was clearly mentioned as Rs. 626.39. The consumers who have registered the Aadhaar number and bank account details, several among them got credited the subsidy amount in their bank account within 48 hours of booking the cylinder.


Several LPG consumers are at loss despite having Aadhaar Card and Bank account linkage due to none transfer of the subsidy amount. When they were not supplied the LPG cylinder at the subsidized price, for the delay occurred on transferring the subsidy amount, will the oil companies pay interest for the subsidy amount dues?


Why the amount is credited in the consumer’s bank account and taken back again on delivery of the cylinder? Most the consumer are of the opinion that, it is better the subsidy amount be shown in the bill, less the subsidy amount be one’s final cash bill on delivery. This way the consumer will not be at loss.


One expects that, the Supreme court will look into the issue and pass necessary orders which will beneficial both to the consumers as well as the dealers.