Live. Laugh. Love
sanchitakalra | 21 Mar 2011

In the end, the days of lives are counted and not the day on which we were particularly happy or gloomy. So, lets just celebrate each day!!

YES, THE world is going through a lot at this point of time. For example, the current situation Japan. There are other things to worry about too , like Global warming, terrorism, murders, rapes etc.

But we just take out a moment from our lives to SMILE. Lets just stop worrying about everything and celebrate each day as if it is our last. Lets be happy and spread happiness around. Lets make someone feel special. Lets thank our mother Earth for everything?

I read a line somwhere "Smiling is always easier than explaining the reason behind your sadness" . And yes, its true. We dont need a reason to smile or to be happy. It comes naturally and instantly. But for being sad or angry, we need a reason. So why complicate our lives and create tensions unnecessarily when we all can live peacefully.

Some tips to be happy :

1. Talk to your friends , parents and everyone politely.  Be calm even in bad situation, dont panic.

2. Spend some time with kids or little children. It automatically brings a smile on your face

3. Eat healthy and nutritous food including fresh fruits.

4. Everytime you wake up in the morning, thank God for the lovely day.

5. Meditate or exercise regularly.

6. Make someone smile.

7. Make your parents feel proud.

8. Enjoy what you do. If it is boring , try and make it interesting.

9.  Life is too short to hate people, enjoy every moment. Forgive quickly.

10. Dont regret anything , because at a point , you did what you exactly wanted to.