Live-Work-Play: The New Realty Mantra
Rajesh Kumar Singh | 25 Jan 2012

More and more people are recognizing the value of time and are redefining their lives to better manage it. As a result, developers trying to revamp properties have adopted this work-live-play concept in offering projects that attractively combines the concept into reality.

ALL WORK and no play makes Jack a dull boy’…went the age-old adage, but as things stand today on the professional front in India, it is the Live-Work-Play concept that has swamped the imagination of the new generation of workforce living in the metropolitan cities of India. Highly educated, extremely ambitious, richly paid – it is a class of people that is looking at life from an angle of better work-life balance. 
Put in other words, the concept of Live-Work-Play translates into a potent combination of Studio Apartments-Offices-Commercial Hub within a single project. Located inside the project complex, the three essential components of any working professional’s lifestyle – viz. a place to stay, a place to work, and a place to enjoy – is rolled into one facility that opens newer possibilities and opportunities for the new generation of professionals.
The concept of Live-Work-Play works on the principle of time-life balance and its better management in context to the hustle and bustle of the urban metropolitan life where big distances between home-work-recreation not only create a disharmony but also work as a demotivation in the lives of the professionals. The amount of time wasted in traffic jams and commuting congestions takes its toll on the busy executives who end up just managing to reach home only to take rest and prepare for the next working day. Precious quality time gets wasted in commuting, leaving little or no space for recreation and rejuvenation, which is truly exasperating.       
Set against this backdrop, multi-use concept of Live-Work-Play has become increasingly popular with developers and consumers. Metropolitan cities like Delhi and Bangalore, which has seen unprecedented growth in real estate in the last five years is now at the threshold of an infrastructure revolution promising seamless connectivity. Hence, most of the Real Estate builders believe that the ‘work-live-play’ concept will be the way forward.
The economy may go through cycles of peaks and troughs, but demand for real estate, in particular housing will always be there in India, till every single working professional dreams of owning a home. Recession notwithstanding, metropolitans like Delhi and Bangalore has grown leaps and bounds in the last two to three years and has witnessed major infrastructural developments like the international airport, mushrooming of SEZs and tech parks, flyovers, magic boxes, large format retail malls which have transformed the very face of these cities in the country.