Living dead
mathai | 25 Jul 2016

I died yesterday my kids on their knees pleaded in chorus dad die tomorrow don't spoil our weekend

I died last week
relatives pleaded via emails
why the hurry die next week
getting tickets to get back home
is harder than your heavenward trip

I died last month
family doctor pressed my chest and begged
please wait a month and twenty days
thirty tests are yet to be done
forty drugs are yet to be tried

I died an year back
hospital manager came running
please wait an year if not two
we have miles to go before you sleep
that eternal blissful sleep

your swollen legs will get new prop
 breathing tube will have a new hole in the throat
feeding tube that goes into your stomach
will now be changed every month
you will now be rolled over twice a week
with the bed sores on your back cleaned and dried
your brain will have a new implant to catch
the feeblest sign of life

science is moving really fast
 not to lose your hope and trust
with head and torso far apart
you can still be kept alive
with no need to breath and eat
think and talk or open the eyes
hear and cry or move your limbs
you can be with us for long

I died a hundred years back
thereafter no one died a  natural death