Llove thy self
RAHUL KAPOOR | 23 Nov 2011

A person needs to spend time with himself also.

"MISGUIDE". "SORRY", and "backstabbing", are some words being commonly used in every aspect of life. One uses these words without realizing the fact that why is there a need of using such words. What happens is that the person ends up blaming himself for the reasons of using such words.

He doesn't learn something from them. Now is the time for each one teaches one. By this we mean the fact that every situation should be treated as a learning experience. A person learns some or the other thing from the situation he faces. If the person looks at these situation individually rather than being dependent on others he/she might end up learning more.

Hence more and more situations should be tackled individually or independently. In this hustling bustling life a person forgets himself and when he remembers himself is when he is depressed. The comes the role of psychiatrists or others.It is mostly in situations when a person feels lonely (eg. unemployed, breakup, divorce, and backstabbed, etc.) In other words, when a person feels lonely, it gives a person ample time to ponder on his/her own life.

It induces in him an intrest to know one self. Hence loneliness should not be considered as a bane but a boon. It should not be considered as a depressing time but a time when one teaches himself. It acts as a self motivational factor. It the only thing that when a person demands and gets it. It teaches a person to induce self respect in himself. Hence, if a person looks after himself well. Knows the pros and cons of every action he/she takes than he will never require a psychiatrist or support from others. A person is the only one who knows what's better for him, what things affect him and what do not.