Looking for my ancestors
Gaurav Atri | 13 Feb 2007

My ancestors were Huns?
Eversince i read an article on Human Genome Project, the very thought about the origin of my Ancestors would bring a kind of excitement in my mind. Being a Jat from Western Uttar Pradesh i have heard from other ’Jats’ that our ancestors were from Scythia in Caucasus or some would say that they were from Central Asia and being so rough and tough the only ancestory suitable for us is from The Huns. To know about my past i started to read stuff and also surf the Internet, may be I will find some real clue or may one day find one of my ancestor staring at me from the screen. I started from my family name or my Gotra "Atri". Wah! Sachchiii? U know friends, we Atri Jats were children of Maharishi Atri(one of the Sapt Rishis) and who was in turn a son of Brahma, blah blah, and were originally from a village called Khadehya, but my ancestors migrated from there and founded 60 villages in Aligarh district. After this i couldn’t found any information regarding the ancestory of the Atri clan of Jats....if after going through gene therapy my ancestor comes out to be Attila the Hun, then what will be my reaction, will i feel proud?.....Frankly speaking, i would prefer my ancestors to be what i have been told and read, "Brahmaji" as ancestor is much better then "Attilaji" The Hun, lets hope that the Gene Therapy test is not made compulsory for everyone in India as there will be more Scythians, Parthians, Greeks, Huns, Persians and turks than "Indians". Well, I feel lucky to choose between Brahma and Attila the Hun but what will Bana clan of Jats do, they have to chose between Banasur the Mythological demon king and Attila the Hun, good luck to them.