Lord Krishna
Parinatha | 24 Feb 2011

The birth of Lord Krishna


is naughty little feet stealthily make their way through your door when you are either snoring off to glory or busy at the market buying something for the house and by the time you are back the house looks hit by a hurricane. The butter seems to be used as a skate board while all the curd and milk pots have turned in to filters.

His mischief is unpredictable and he is incorrigible. He pulls your hair, steals your clothes, teases you and troubles you. Though your heart wants to beat this little one up for all his tricks, his smile will make you want to hug him forever.

This blue boy can lift mountains, he can protect all, he can love like a hero and pull out from a venomous river a ball. All of these very brave acts of his are admirable and very astonishing at times that makes you want to love him for life.

His simplicity is not to be forgotten. The man who never discriminated against the rich and poor, the man who always valued friendship, the man who had respect and gratitude for his elders, the man who knew the right and wrong, the man who preached good, the man who eliminated evil is the man who promised to revisit the world in every era.

The naughty little darling, the brave boy and the mature man all of it can be attributed to just the one person who wins your heart- Lord Krishna. He could be just an imagination, he could be just here say but to him I pray.