Lost but lashing out !
John F Williams | 28 Feb 2012

Though controversial but Umpires decision is the final

M S Dhoni lashed out at Lee for standing on the way of Sachin . The  controversy erupted in Sunday’s match between India and Australia when Sachinwas  dismissed in a debatable run out.

 In 2008, this very ground was the  witness to an ugly racial abuse spat between Indian off-spinner Bhaji and Australian all-rounder Symonds. It came to be known as the 'monkeygate scandal' .

Gautam Gambhir called for a single to which Tendulkar responded only to be run out by David Warner. Lee was seen standing in Tendulkar's way after running across the pitch while the Indian was sprinting towards the crease.

Tendulkar threw his arms up in frustration when the ball hit the stumps, making it clear that he wasn't happy with Lee blocking his way but umpires Taufel  and Bowden ruled against the batsman after some deliberation.

Dhoni at the post-match press conference was unsparing on Lee, saying the Australian pacer had no business to stand on way of Tendulkar.

"It was unjustified for Tendulkar because he had to take an extra yard to run. I think Bowden  should have said something because he was in a better position to see where exactly the bowler was and where he stopped

Another controversial incident in the match was the turning down of 'obstructing the field' appeal against David Hussey  Dhoni appealed for an obstructing the field dismissal which is allowed under the ICC rules.