Lost in a lost world
Ruchi Jaggi | 11 Jan 2007

The article is a philosophical take on the paradoxes of society

You inhabit the world. You belong to the world. Which world? The one inside you or the one outside? There is perception and there is reality. There are thoughts that pervade and there are thoughts that provoke. The image is affluent, contented and serene. The reality is impoverished, malnourished and bloody. The mirror is lying. But the mirror wants to lie. It wants lie to become truth. Can it happen? Can someone do it? There are no answers, only questions. But these questions demand answers.
Who would answer them or at least attempt answering them? The philosophical with a platonic perspective or the rational with a mundane perspective? Or philosophy laced with rationality? Wouldn’t that be unjustified? Wouldn’t it be like shattering dreams and making it clear that they would never come true? But philosophy can answer.
I often wonder if philosophy is power personified, if it can shape experiences, if it can frame this chaos. Philosophy undoubtedly is not formulated, but methodical. The philosopher constantly thinks. His thoughts promise life. They are an exposition of utopia at times. Philosophy rationalizes disorder. It articulates peace. It also hopes and leaps to look beyond hope.
But philosophy is also irrational? It articulates thoughts but gives them entirely different dimensions. It takes thoughts into the realm of the unknown and the impractical. It is so convoluted that it makes everything seem hazy.
Baffled? The moot question is if philosophy alone can help keep promises? If it can disencumber the world of evil? If it can transform the world? If it can make a difference at all? If it can even make a point? If it can rationalize lost thoughts? If it can steer a lost world? If at all it can do absolute good?
The journey is puzzling. Transient thoughts creating a perfect picture in a transient life! What else could a philosopher be, but lost in a lost world.