Love is in the air
GAYATRI ARORA | 09 Feb 2011

valentine day is ahead,love is in the air,markets are filled with gifts,choclates, cards etc to make your loved ones feel special.

VALENTINE WEEK is going, and fragrance of love is in the air,"valentine" is considered as the season of love,"love will conquer all". Valentine the day to which every lover is desperately waiting for to express his love to their loved ones.

To make this valentine special, celebrations and preparation are ahead,excitement can be seen at its peak on every face. We can see the markets are decorated, and filled with sweets,chocolates,cards, flowers and Gifts.

Its the day to celebrate the spirit of love,to exchange the love with our loved ones. Its the day of love,sharing love with all your loved ones. Love is as bright as the sun,the day encourages you to show the care,and love with whom you are very obliged to them for being your part of life.

This is the day, which show your loved ones,that how special they are, and you are so obliged and grateful towards them,for all the small small services,which in the whole year they provided to you with their selfless love.

But I am astonished with the fact,that why the day is just considered the day for those who are in relationship, a boyfriend- girlfriend day the services and the love provided by our parents, our grandparents, our family is nothing,?? I request to youngsters to devote this day towards their parents also,not only parents but also to the our milkmen (doodhwala), farmers, sweepers,all all those who loved us selflessly.