Love Jihad: A conspiracy against national communal integration?
vikash sharma | 01 Sep 2014

Only a few days back, I get to know about 'love jihad', this theory express that Muslim boys are actively proceeding the concept to convert Hindu girls into Islam.

I consider the matter as a conspiracy against national communal integration. Conflicts are happening in many parts of the nation and such new weapon could work spark tension between two the communities.

Certainly, for people who have lost their siblings in recent riots will not take a single second for suspension. Few Hindutva people have strongly elaborated the idea and claims 'it is about prosperity of our women'. Also mentioned names of few celebrities married with Hindu women. They consider it as a conspiracy to take revenge against Hindu community.

Certainly, such thoughts about women are prosperity of ourselves but before love jihad, those Hindutava people need to maintain the prosperity inside the house. First, they need a war against own self.

Finally, it is a fresh wave to generate the violence against Hindu and Muslims. A few people don't want to establish peace and want to continue the conflicts. At the moment such waves could generate a big fire in a nation which couldn't recover for centuries.

Now, we can't deny such waves because in a nation where today Hindus are in minimum, but large section is Hindutva's people; such theory against communal integration is certain.