Love: The perfect commandment
sreejoni nag | 27 Apr 2011

Love is a game, which many can play and all can win. Love is that power which can move mountains. It is that act which can turn our lethal enemies to best of friends. Love has many forms, for some, it is an attraction, for some, it is devotion.

BUT LOVE is a world in itself. Don’t you think people, have always under-rated the feeling, love? Whenever we hear the word ‘love’, the first thing that strikes us is a romantic attachment or an episode between two lovers.
Why don’t we see love in a mother’s kiss? In a father’s trust? In a sibling’s hug or in a friend’s care? Love means service. Service to the nation, service to the nature, service to lord and to our loved ones. 

“Love thy neighbor”, Lord Christ said. Each drop of blood that poured from his body when he was crucified, symbolized love and sacrifice.
Mahatma Gandhi fought with the British. He fought with great courage but his method was different…
He used ‘love’ and ‘non-violence’ as his greatest weapons and defense and rooted the powerful British out of India. Thousands of soldiers sacrificed their lives for our motherland. They sacrificed themselves for our love.

Today, the world has been gripped by fanatic terrorism. The only way to control it is Love and not counter-terrorism. Instead of filling hatred in the hearts of many, love needs to be revived in them. And gradually, terrorism would come to its end.

I asked god-
“Why do flowers smell so sweet?”
“Why does the sky spread like a blue sheet?”
“Why are the dew drops so neat?”

God answered-
‘Love’ it is love…
Love is not only in the air,
It is here, there and everywhere…
Love gives birth to feelings like care,
And buries the feelings like despair.

Love is a commandment which may be slow but it is absolute. Love is universal, love is the truth and thus it is the perfect commandment!