Love vs. Friendship
Vartika Khera | 16 Jul 2007

Smiles. Hearts. The endless movies. Holding hands. Those beautiful hugs. The look in his eyes. The mushy words. Those emotive cards. The long drives. And then come the tears.


It’s not that I have anything against love, it’s a beautiful feeling, places you on the top of the world, but then, why don’t they have happy endings?

Every second person I know, people I come across everyday go through the same things. This vicious circle of falling in love, getting too attached and then losing it all is never ending. And the worst part is we look forward to it. When the incredible love story ends, we cry, howl, and blame our partner for everything that went wrong. We somehow pass a few weeks in depression and then find somebody else. Life moves on. 


But the other side of the same coin is radically dissimilar. 


Smiles. Laughs. The long chats. Leg pulling. The silly jokes. Supporting each other. Movies. Checking out crushes. Parties. Fun. Tears. Smiles. Tears. And then smiles again.

This time, I’m referring to friendship. It’s not as if I have anything towards it. It’s a beautiful feeling, yet again. Makes you feel special and truly loved. And the part that I love the most about it, there is just no ending. Your true friends always stay.

Wherever love hurts you, just friends help.

As we go on…

we remember the times together,

our lives change, come whatever,

we’ll still remain “friends forever”