Lupin Pharma Foundation is changing village life through cultivation of lady fingers
Vishnu Mohan | 15 Jun 2013

Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation is doing good work in changing the face of some villages in India for the better. Transformation of Jasauti village is an example where Lupin Research Foundation is found to be doing good work. This village has transformed both socially and economically and is now better known as village of lady's fingers (in hindi, knowna s 'Bhindi Gaon'). Eighty per cent of agriculturists in the village are engaged in the farming of lady's fingers.

About three years ago, Jasauti village, comprising just 150 households, was adopted by Lupin Human Welfare & Research Foundation with innovative plans for development. Foundation experts advised the farmers to go in for farming of lady's fingers because both productive soil and plenty of water are available in this village. 

Initially, five farmers took the suggestion and experimented with lady's fingers, which has now been adopted by almost the entire village. This year the Foundation has made available better seeds of superior variety on subsidy and provided guidance from time to time. Around eighty per cent of the farmers in Jasauti have left the rabi farming and instead taken up the lady's fingers farming; this popular vegetable, consumed in cities in huge quantity, easily fetches Rs.3,000 to Rs.4,000 per quintal to the farmers. With the onset of summer, lady's fingers start arriving in mandis from other regions and the price of the vegetable drops considerably. By then, each farmer in Jasauti earns an estimated Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs.

Farmers have improved their living status due to the efforts of Lupin Research and Welfare Foundation and some of them have begun sending their children to good schools. Some farmers have also come out of poverty line and are able to buy their own vehicles. 

Spokesperson of Lupin Research and Welfare Foundation adds, "farmers who were assisted through subsidy and guidance included 28 belonging to the BPL (Below Poverty Line) category. Most of them are set to break the shackles of poverty - several traders come to Jasauti regularly to purchase lady's fingers.  The Lupin Foundation has got loans on easy terms for the farmers through SIDB (Small Industries Development Bank) for purchasing the seeds of improved variety and is providing guidance to them to make the best use of the vegetable's production.

India is home to thousands and thousands of villages and therefore efforts made by organisation like Lupin Foundation, as above, deserve compliments from all concerned. Various organisations who strongly believe in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities can take lessons from the above. Even other organisations, who are guided by more of charity oriented and philanthropic minded issues, can plan to adopt different villages in the country for shaping their future for the better. There are also stories doing the rounds that many film personalities have also adopted villages and changing their shape for the better.    Till such time, Government's efforts in universalising best of the welfare measures properly covering almost every village in India, sky is the limit for doing some good work in transforming many villages in India for the better and the above example could be taken as a nice one.