luv - fun,hope,disaster
Harshal | 20 Nov 2006

You always regret the day u first fell in luv if nothing goes as planned, as the article states and unknowingly its always fun the first time but at the same time you are always hoping that no disaster creeps up your luv life which in turn has in my case.
Still the thought never lets me rest in peace and it keeps on tormenting again and again, the moment i see her beautiful face ofcouse, a very happy face with some other guy friend of hers in front of me and that too purposely just to make me jealous.
It all started some 6 years ago, well i was 18 at that time and she was 15. It was the most auspicious day for us since it was Ganpati festival and we all were happily distributing sweets or in other terms you can say prasad and my eyes landed on the most beautiful girl for me, yes and i had no clue that this girl stayed next to my building since i was new to the society. But at that time i had no courage to talk and each and everyday i used to wait in front of her building just to get a glimpse of her whcih would no doubt make my day. It went on for some few years with no talking but just eye to eye contact and eventually one fine day i told one of our common friend to go and talk to her abt this but not directly and in stages.
The things worked out and we met one fine day, just cant forget that day and the smile and body language that she was carrying was just mind boggling. So we continued meeting soon after that and one fine day i proposed her, but with no results from her side which made me feel like a fish in a dry pond gasping for air and water. But then came the answer, a big dissappointment for me and the reason for that, someone else had proposed her from college and since she would meet her each and everyday in college and the same would not turn out with me, she rejected me. So disastrous was the answer and with the luv of my life departing away from me, i decided to move on to dubai hoping that staying away would help me in forgetting the thoughts and memories.
Its very true that the person u luv the most never erases from your memories no matter how hard we try too but to do that i decided not to stay in touch and did not speak to her for the time i was in dubai.
The days turned months and eventually to years and then the time came for me to visit india again and then the day i landed, she stood right in front of me near her building but i did not meet her and then later in the evening she came to know that i had landed and she came to meet me and i was surprised to hear that she had a breakoff with her boy friend and that all this time he used her in all terms. Since the luv and faith was same for me, i decided to spend most of my valuable time with her because i just couldnt see her unhappy. She knew that in whatever way i am going to accept her.In those two months of my vacation, i used to go to her college to pick her up daily so that we could spend our time together and this went on for 1 whole month and finally she proposed me and with no second thoughts i accepted.
But the time came and i had to head back to dubai and the thought was like dried leaves falling and crimpling.Eventually, the present day......with what all happened, it still makes me wonder...what went wrong??
Ya its true, its hard to write but just wondering ...why i came back to bombay after i left to dubai preety happy about my luv life blossoming.But now getting ditched for some other guy again is very hard to digest and the fact that i shifted permanantly from dubai just to spend some very good time with my girlfriend which hopefully never turned positive just because of some few reasons which if i mention here would be a word of laugh for all the readers.
But still no wonder after what happened with me, i still expect to see her once daily because i know it would make my day.