Mafia or Government: Who is better?
richa chadha | 16 Nov 2008

The article is regarding the leaders who have forgot the meaning of nation and nationality. Their originality is lacking. If India doesn't awakes now then might be the downfall will take us no more

Elections is a marathon for the corrupted rats to file their nomination in the list of sucking blood of innocent lives. On the other side "Corruption is a social welfare program run by our leaders which is a now open market system". It is all about choosing between lesser of the two evils be it Congress or BJP.

Still we believe that our country will progress where rich are getting richer and poor are dethroning. The rule of 4C's ,corruption,confusion,crime and cash is mournful sight for the people whereas a trend setter for our leaders.

Corruption is spreading like a virus, confusion whom to elect so as to standby the development and flourish the country, crime which has taken a new phase of terrorism and cash which is overflowing in the banks of leaders and innocent poor souls are dying with the problem of inflation.

India talks about the discoveries. We have landed up on moon and on the verge to assist our country on nuclear deal, but still struggling with the water crisis and electricity which is hovering on our shoulder.Every soul is searching for the alternative but not able to get it, as our leaders are sitting on the backseat, giving sleepless nights to "aam janta". It is a country where the honest citizen is afraid from the judicial system and in order to fight for their rights they are "forced to pay bribe"

India is a country where great freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Neetaji Subhash Chandra Bose haven't got the Bharat Ratan Award. Is this the way "we honour our freedom fighters".

What is the difference between the mafia and government? Government is adopting the gangster lifestyle. Do we ever questioned ourself that why, are own people turning into terrorists? Still out of 100 districts, 25% are under the nasalities and out of which 90% people are innocent. What would be INDIA after 20yrs, one can imagine well. If we today are ignoring the scribbles on walls then either we are blind or we are unaware.3 crore Bangladeshis have settled in India on which Ram Vilas Paswan, President of Lok JAN Shakti comments "We should give homage to them" , . The demographics have changed and we call our selves patriarchs. People on the streets are looking for the alternatives where our leaders need to fill the vacuum.
Today all candidates are not deserving. If we vote for the weakest criminal then after attaining power he turns into a powerful criminal.

Those who we would not trust
As guardians of our children
Why do we make them
Guardians of the NATION ?

This is the biggest and most important question to every citizen. When will we raise voice out of the crowd. The void is shaping and gulping down the sense of every individual. Educators need some guidance. Political leaders by winning just try to take revenge on each other where a common man and his problems are set off and ignored. Another biggest problem is that of reservation where a talent is outdated and children are beaten,tortured, put behind bars and often stressed to commit suicide. In this way can we think of a better future in this country?

Things need to settle down and as the young generation it is are responsibility to understand the pain of the sufferers as we never know who can be the next victim.