Magician Sartaj SK Sharma to hold magic show from Oct 10
Rajiv | 08 Oct 2014

Riding on the success wave for shows in the world, the well-known magician Sartaj S.K Sharma decided to hold the magic show to mesmerize one and all with his tricks in Jammu from 10th to 30 October, 2014 at Manhas Biradari Ground opposite Jaggi Darbar, Paloura.

In a joint press conference State President Shri Ram Sena, Rajiv Mahajan and magician Sartaj S.K Sharma told reporters that in his show the tricks will be designed to give importance to promote magic and to remove superstitions and myths among people.

The three shows will take place per day which commence from 10:00 AM (for school children), 2:00 to 5:00 PM and onwards for all.

Magician SK Sharma said he along with his team members to present such magic tricks which are not seen by people of Jammu and Kashmir till date by any other magicians.

Magic has nothing to do with 'Tantra Mantra' as many people think, said Sharma adding that popular concept of hypnotism was shortlived and hence could not be used during magic shows.

"In magic shows one has to create an illusion by voice, hand movements and expressions," he said.

Appreciating magician S.K Sharma, Rajiv Mahajan appealed to people of Jammu and Kashmir to come in large number to see the magic tricks which they never seen by other magician till date. He said SK Sharma's magic shows has made a good impact on society hence it was decided to continue the show in Jammu.

Among the most enthralling tricks an experienced magician, S.K Sharma are chopping a girl into three pieces and then bringing her back to life, piercing a girl with 56 swords and making a girl change her costume four times by just wavering a piece of cloth around her vanishing a fire stick in the midair, transforming silk into stick or making a girl disappear from a closed box.