MAgnet People
Aayush Goel | 01 Oct 2008

Its about unknown people whom we had never met or never have had known but some kind of unknown force attracts the two that starts a connection and then the question asrises ,"What is it? Love, infactuation, a humble surrender or what?........Find Out and

Their ability is what will attract you towards them. They have an appeal which will attract you…not once in a while, but always. This is not infatuation; this can’t be termed as love either. Then what it is that pushes you to them. Don’t be confused. Its nothing pushing you, its their charisma, their power, its they themselves who are pulling you; and you just can’t help that pulling, its not in your hands and you start believing that its really not in your hands. This is because; they have something in them that will keep on attracting you. They are called ‘Magnet People’ and they truly are so. Their magnet keeps on beckoning on you. They are selfless people, they come in your life with a purpose-purpose of making your life more valuable, more special, more meaningful and truly extraordinary. Because they are themselves extraordinary and they feel that their job is to make you feel special. God has sent you with a purpose, is what they say; and their purpose is to make people happy in whatever way they can. That makes them happy. They are satisfied with the job allotted to them by God.

They have an aura, which pulls you. They want you to fulfill all your desires. They want you to stop worrying what people might say. They want you to live for yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, care for yourself, and be truthful to yourself. If you achieve all this for yourself, you can do this for whosoever you want to. At the first instance you deserve all this, if you are able to this for yourself, only then its possible that you achieve the perfection to do it for others.
But if it’s their case we are taking, they have already achieved all this, so they are capable of doing this for others, those who are complete strangers, and absolutely no one to them. What makes them feel or think this way-to help unknown people, to do selflessly for people who are no one to them and might be absolutely thankless to them, might not even recognize their help, or consider what they say. It leaves you in awe that how can someone be so humble, genuine, unselfish and caring in today’s selfish world where people straightly say no for whomsoever asking for help. How do they manage tolerating thankless people, full of conceit, deception fakeness and falsehood enveloping them all over, with nothing but lies at every step of life, with all either friends or foes. Do they belong to any one, can they be relied for any thing?? Does anyone have an answer for this? A normal man would perhaps say no, but for the magnet people, here also, is a positive situation. They would deal with such people with such aplomb that the person is left with no other option but to surrender. And when you surrender, that becomes the most cherished moment of your life, the best thing that happened to you, that might not happen again, so cherish it when you have it. If you make that moment special, it will give you all you had ever desired, ever longed for; because the moment you do so, you’ll feel that this was what you had ever wanted, so now you have it to keep it with you forever and ever, and its yours, forever…......
Aayush Goel