Mahajan urges Govt to settle west Pak, PoK refugees’ issues on priority
Rajiv | 19 Jun 2014

Highlighting the demand for rehabilitation of refugees from West Pakistan who have been residing here for the last 67 years without right to citizenship, right to property and right to settlement, Shri Ram Sena Jammu and Kashmir state president Rajiv Mahajan urged the Prime Minister Narender Modi led NDA government to settle the rehabilitation issue of these hapless persons on priority basis.

Addressing a press conference here today, Rajiv Mahajan said that the public of the country have many expectations from the new government so they have given the mandate to new government for redressing of their problems through viable means. Rajiv Mahajan through the medium of this press conference reminds the Prime Minister that refugees from West Pakistan of 1947 have been living here without any identity for the last 67 years. They have no right to citizenship, right to property and right to settlement here even after a gap of two to three generations which is the limit surpassed of the discrimination with these people. These people have been fighting for their rehabilitation but the successive governments at the Centre and State did nothing for their settlement. The previous governments could not understand the plight of these unfortunate people. Mahajan further said that POK refugees of 1947 and 1965, 1971 wars with Pakistan from Mirpur, Muzaffarpur, Poonch in Chhamb sector have been living here without any settlement. Tough being the state subjects of Jammu & Kashmir state, they have right to vote, but not given any compensation till date and used only as vote bank by the successive governments. Mahajan reminds BJP leaders of their election speeches and manifesto of giving assurance that "redressal of grievances of PoK refugees is top priority for the BJP. The party will fulfill its commitments made to PoK refugees who have been denied their dues in the state". Mahajan said the time has come now and the NDA government should settle the issues of PoK refugees once for all on priority basis. Mahajan hopes that new NDA government under the Prime Ministership of Narender Modi will generate a public friendly atmosphere and settle the issues of 16 lacs PoK refugees and seventy thousand west Pak refugees at an earliest to ameliorate their sufferings. Speaking on the issue of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits back in Kashmir valley, Rajiv Mahajan said that Narendra Modi government is contemplating a comprehensive plan for return of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley with the enhanced financial assistance, security to their life and property besides government jobs and other employment opportunities, subsidies and incentives. Mahajan said that Government's exercise of rehabilitating Kashmiri Pandits back in Kashmir valley is a futile exercise because no Kashmiri Pandit will prefer to return to Valley as they are almost well settled out of Valley in these 24 years of their exodus. They also enjoy incentives from the government and their new generation has explored the ways of employment and even they have forgotten the composite culture of Kashmir. Majajan said that proposed assistance of Rs 7.5 lakh per family for reconstruction of fully or partially damaged houses, assistance of Rs 2 lakh per family for dilapidated houses and assistance of Rs 7.5 lakh per family for purchase of a house in Group Housing Societies for those who have sold their properties during the period of the turmoil would not influence the Kashmiri migrants to go back to Kashmir to settle there under a constant threat of militants. At the end Mahajan appealed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to settle the issues of PoK and west Pak refugees on priority basis before the settlement of Kashmiri migrants.