Mahila Charkha Samiti celebtrated 112th birthday of JP in Patna

Bharat Ratna Loknayak Jaiprakash Narain's 112th birthday was celebrated by the Mahila Charkha Samiti (MCS) at the residence of JP at Jagat Narain Road, Kadam Kuan in Patna on Saturday evening.

The programme was started by paying floral tribute to the photograph of Loknayak Jaiprakash

Narain by the Chief guest M.G. Devsahayam (Chennai),Retired IAS S.N.Sinha, Dr Tara Sinha,

president of Mahila Charkha Samiti, Dr Mridula Prakash, secretary and Dr Mithilesh Kumari

Mishra.They jointly inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp.

"Mahila Charkha Samiti was established for women empowerment by Parbhavati Devi the wife of

JP under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi in 1940.This year we are celebrating the 75 years of

Mahila Charkha Samiti as 'Amrit Utsav Varsh'. The historical book 'JP in Jail' written by M.G.

Devsahayam (Chennai) a good book for the fans of JP.It has many unknown facts about JP. "said

Dr Tara Sinha, president of Mahila Charkha Samiti,Patna during her welcome address.

"Loknayak Jaiprakash Narain gave the slogan 'Total revolution'. Acting prime minister of India

Gandhi released the arrested JP due to the fear of youth protest in the country.His relationship with

Nehru was just like family." M.G. Devsahayam (Chennai) retired IAS and Chief guest shared his

experiences in brief about JP in Jail during his main speech with the fans of JP in the programme..

He was the acting DM of Chandigarh when JP was kept in Chandigarh Jail after his arrest during

emergency. He was the most senior and patriotic close associate of JP during Jail and emergency.

Retired IAS officer and author Sachchidanand Sinha also highlighted about some unknown stories

about the life of JP during his presidential address.

"In the morning prayer was also organized by Sujata Verma and Kaviata Sinha here.On the occasion

of this historical 75th years of Mahila Charkha Samiti this year would be celebrated as 'Amrit Utsav

Varsh'.We will organize different types of programmes for women empowerment."said Dr Mridula

Praksah,secretary of Mahila Charkha Samiti,Patna during her vote of thanks.

This birthday celebration was held under the president ship of retired IAS officer and author

Sachchidanand Sinha. Sujata Verma sang the Hindi devotional song Mangalacharan entitled

"Dharati ka kan-kan mangal hai."The programme was anchored by Dr Mithilesh Kumari Mishra in

Hindi,Sanskrit and Tamil. Vijoy Prakash,principal secretary of the department of transport,

Government of Bihar, Prem Prakash Verma, Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Sunil Dubey, Madhu Verma,

Lakshmi Srivastava, Dr Uma Sinha and fans of JP and Parbhavati jee were also present in this