Make India versus Fake India: Modi-Care

Since the day Narendra Modi-led NDA had gained control of India, on the one hand it has been planning to implement its vision of a 'Digital India' and on the other, pushing the RSS agenda of Hindu nationalism.

In the Gujarat model, these two ingredients were tacitly present, but as Prime Minister Modi braved louder. Ironically 'his Make India image is now a matter of  conjecture with accusations of the opposition  leaders like Rahul Gandhi who recently bantered by saying that  Modiji gave us a 'Fake India through media publicity. 

It is really unfortunate that Modi's 'Make Indi'a image fell through miserably. He is boasting of Digital India while the local Indian authorities  are clamping down on Internet  and Telecommunications access across the country. According to the Software Freedom Law,.Arbitrary shutdown of internet and telecommunication access across the country  from a fundamentalist point of view limits free expression in spite of the flourishing democracy. Already the Modi government  is criticised all over the country and abroad for stifling dissent. Newly digitalised  agencies  rely on the internet  to reach citizens but  restriction of social media usage information will be a big impedimen. He is taking us to the medieval times  by reviving  the centuries-old feelings of conflict  between religious and minority groups and his tall talks of  modernising technology and industrial development are not working properly.

Narendra Modi is now waiting in the Northeast like Alauddin Khilji, who waited for months outside the Chittorgarh Fort to win queen Padmavati. The PNB scam or the failures of demonetisation will be forgotten by the people if Modi wins the elections in the Northeast with turncoats like Himanta Biswa Sarma, who had been a staunch Congress leader only the other day. But the mission cannot succeed by winning Assembly elections in exchange of huge economic package. 

The paranoia and fear in the faces of the people is countrywide felt and the shadows of communalism lurk round corners of the country. The Prime Minister is trying to become a media icon by showing the investors the openness of economy of India to the world , but his followers are talking of demolishing even the Taj Mahal which will result in the loss in business confidence and impact on worker productivity.There is no attempt to abate communal conflicts with instigating remarks from Chief Ministers like Adityanath Yogi. Using policies to increase red tape and following parochial social outlook Modiji  cannot take the country  to the 21st century in reality. Expansion of digital services have enormous potential . A cashless India is envisaged after the demonetisation and  millions of Indians now move from cash to digital payments. But with reforms fail to reach that potential because of suspended WiFi. Barkha Dutt recently told Narendra Modi is pulling India  back to the 1970s.He  has introduced Jan Dhan Yojna  saying that  it will extend access to the poor  the banking facilities as nationalisation of banks did not give much benefit  to the have-nots. Still the investors  are declining investments  on a large scale in India and Rahul Gandhi's taunt seems to be justified.  'Modi Government 'Make in India initiative is basically a Fake in India Programme ' said an angry Rahul citing the plunge  to a 13 year low in fresh investment because of the increasing number of stalled projects. This is claimed  by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy only for the Deember quarter. Think of this in a larger context. After killing Currency , Modi takes a leap with India's biggest -ever tax overhaul .The banning of country's currency notes  was done in an effort  to stem corruption. But this still remains a myth and corruption remains pervasive in India. By putting opposition leaders like  Laluprasad in Jail the old story is political revenge is retold and nothing more happens. Economists opine that India, one of the fastest growing economies of the world  has begun to lag in recent years. Modiji promised a lot to recharge economy with the  same Gujarat model but in Gujarat itself , his party is facing crisis and people lost confidence in the BJP party and its policies for development. After recent Gujarat poll , though the BJP retained power , yet the cat is out the bag and tough issues related to labour and land are yet to be addressed.The daring step of banning currency notes  has come under criticism as growth has slowed to 6.1 per cent in the first quarter of the year , down from 7.9 per cent a year earlier. In Meghalaya a few MPs joined BJP leaving Congress but this kind of horse trading for grinding their own axe cannot ensure  that Modi's policies for making a new India will not be in trouble. For the time being he survived  the chaos  caused by demonetisation and GST .But it is not sure that the rich will be really hit for holding illicit cash as it not sure if the poor will be benefited by such steps. Aadhar linking is already a big risk for the people after the leaks in more than 250 portals of the private information provided to the government.The slogan 'One nation , one tax , one market' should not be just words for words' sake and it is hoped that it will have real social implications such as Swaccha Obhiyan. Many companies and business concerns  find clouds in the sky after the introduction of the new tax.Indian business has a hard time building nationwide business. From a business perspective people need to take a decision as things are becoming unmanageable in the business sectors. One flat tax on everything cannot augur well for the people and the stark inequality looms large in near future.Taxes on items used by the have-nots should be lower than luxury items for the rich. Our country is legendary for tax evasion and the system should not encourage  this any more.GST has imposed a hardship on small businesses. Many still feel that GST is a mountain of sorrow for the poor Indians.

The total failure of the BJP government occurs in ensuring complete freedom of faith  and expression.As the media icon , Modiji always says  that his government will not allow  any religious group belonging to the majority or the minority, to incite hatred against others , overtly or covertly. But the real picture is just the opposite and the cow adoration is increasing day by day along with obscurantism . We sometimes feel we are gone to the medieval age.Religious intolerance is never seen more in earlier times. Here the Gujarat model of Godhra riots seem to  be fully successful.What Advaniji could not dare to do even after the demolition of the Babri Masjid , Modiji and his party are trying to do it in his envisioned 'New Hindu India'.It is true  he himself confessed that  he has been unable to control  the extremist elements  of his party .The country still wait for seeing a Secular Modi.As a state leader in Gujarat in 2002 he was accused of doing little to stop clashes  between Hindus and Muslims  that left more than 1000 people  dead and he was denied  visa to the United State in 2005. There is no denying that since the ascension of BJP to power , communal and religiously motivated violence against minority faiths , including Muslims,Christians and Sikhs is increased which sparks nationwide indignation. Intellectuals and journalists are not allowed free expressions for focusing the racial conflicts and the tyranny of the majority continues in the name of Lord Ram or Shiva.Climate of fear is everywhere  and the government is to take strong actions  against fringe elements  and all people who disturb  religious harmony with violent actions and provocative words.Joseph Fort Newton once told :" Men build too many walls and not enough bridges". If Modi really want to challenge Rahul's accusation of 'Fake India', he must realise the truth underlying this comment.Tolerance of Intolerance is cowardice and this is what BJP is doing when they tolerate the extremist activities of  RSS and Bajrang Dal people. Bigotry and fundamentalism hurt the economy. It tarnishes the image of secular socialist image of India as declared in the Preamble to our Constitution.In Modi's India even a world acclaimed economist like Amartya Sen is sacked from his job for not supporting the cow-worshippers, this is disgusting. In Modi's India human beings are butchered to save the cow.This article is written not to support Rahul Gandhi or Congress.But we can see why the scion of the Nehru -Gandhi family has been able to present himself as serious challenger to PM Modi even in his own supposedly safest fort Gujarat . It is his wrong policies  that Rahul who was derided by political critics only the other day as 'pappu' is giving one of India's most formidable Prime Minister the significant hurdles to cross over.Significantly,in recent election campaigns Rahul  did not fight against the populist Hindu nationalism of the BJP.The reason is simple. People know a lot about Hindu nationlism in Modi's India. So Rahul began with a new slogan that Modi gives us fake promises of a New India and people disgusted with the BJP are accepting it.. Modi is taking us to the medieval India. As the 15th Prime Minister of India Modiji is enchanting all with his oratory skills. From running a tea stall  he is now running the nation . He envisions a bright and digital India. For him IT means Indian Talent + Information Technology= India Tomorrow. Modi used to tell : " We are proud of three things : Democracy , Demographic Dividend and Demand." But in reality the words are to be translated .We only want to remind him what he promised the people after completion of  three years : "Be it caste or communal violence , they stall the growth  of the nation . Let us affirm that we will be free from these tensions."

Modi -care is losing its sway after the dull attempsts of Modi-fication.