'Manipulation of news can curtail basic human rights?.'
Snigdha verma | 01 Feb 2011

this article states about media role....for curtailing the human rights

NEWS BASICALLY is a source of information to the masses. Sometimes this very piece of news information can create a view and at times it can distort a view. Manipulation at times can curtail basic human rights. Human rights are basically the rights of the human beings which gives an individual a power to self but with responsibilities. A piece of news as said above can have a vice versa effect which is of a great importance and at the same time controversial.

Manipulation of news in the present scenario is very easy due to more of commercialisation the proneness , the affectivity sells on the grounds of the money. The covering issue on the manipulation comes by and for the reasons like budgetary insufficiency, less of time and space, less importance by readers, the changing tastes, the trend sets, the traditional methods and a lot more contribute to it. Sometimes the media manipulation is termed as to be media misinterpretation they say that the news is being misinterpreted by the media which some where slips down the major mistake by the consensuses of the masses.

Basically a manipulation lies behind things that are irrelevant, unnecessary written or shown instead of showing the real content or can be said the missed content. Which somewhere curtails human right of freedom of thought as in news and information helps an individual to think or one can say it is the food for an individual’s thought process. At times the news channels or the newspaper give biased comments which makes an individual feel confused to have a insight to reality or to have a faith on the content being provided.

At times instead of manipulation or can be said another form of it is the news gets hyped up which somehow makes the news item sell buy and large to a large extent. Many a time’s the media sensationalize a story to sell which creates an impact on the mindset of common people. The media at times shows its mixed colors which is difficult to be understood by the common man.

The media has an important role to play so it has to deliver its duty or the obligation towards the masses and not manipulating the content but letting them into the insights of reality.