Manish Gupta's upcoming biopic on Indira Gandhi, hopefully won't spark any controversy
Rajni Verma | 02 Jul 2015

Movies based on one's autobiography or a simple biopic loved by everyone. In a recent past, movie based on Milkha Singh who is also known as flying Sikh and boxer Mary kom released . Apparently, these two worked very well on box office. However, the journey of every biopic based movie aren't the same.

Recently, actress Vidya Balan has been approached by Rahasya director Manish Gupta for his upcoming movie. The movie is basically Indira Gandhi's biopic and the actress is going to play Indira Gandhi on screen. The director wanted to tell-all tale about Indira Gandhi through his movie and expecting that Gandhi family will approval his proposal. The movie will portray her childhood story, youth, political career to her assassination

However, if one remember in 2014 movie on Indira Gandhi's assassination sparked a lot of controversy. The government not only blocked the release of film but also alleged that it might glorifies the killers of former prime minister. Indira Gandhi was killed by her two Sikh bodyguards. They avenged her for surppressing insurgency which culminate in an army assault on the Sikh's holiest shrine i.e Golden Temple. Seems like Manish Gupta has to work hard in order to evade all possibility of spurring another controversy in the series.

During 70s Gulzar's directed movie which suspected to be based on Indira Gandhi's life was in controversial row. It was suspected that this political drama was based on the Indira's life and her relationship with estranged husband. But later it revealed that only lead (Suchartia Sen) character's look was inspired by the then-prime minister and Tarkeshwari sinha. Nonetheless, another controversy sparked.

The delay in release of movie soared things again as it was banned during the national emergency of 1975 which ultimately made the movie a national topic.

Movie was released after Indira Gandhi defeated in national elections by Janata Party.

Now, Manish Gupta is all waiting for Gandhi family's approval after which he will start working on the project. The script of movie is simple and will portray her comback after downfall. It will also showcase her battle against extremists, her move of not accepting discrimination on the lines of faith which somewhere a reason behind her assassination.

Hopefully, movie will release without engulfing in any controversial row.