Maoist reaction to the farmer suicide in orissa
Lambodar Prasad Dash | 01 Nov 2009

Recently I have read an article on a national daily on Maoists. I have realized that many of our policy makers don’t know details about the Naxal revolution in India, particularly southern India including Odisha. Since the commencement of the Naxal revolution in India, there is great rupture between naxal activities and the left parties, but the leftist ideologists and intellectuals supported most to the red revolution. The farmer revolution which is the backbone of the red revolution continues to be its main issue, now the red revolution getting its support form the anti industrial activities most. In Odisha, the red revolutions main supporters are the tribals. In the 60s the naxal revolution was considered as the rescuer of the oppressed and landless farmers. At the same time the leftists organized the farmers and industrial workers under the different banners. The naxal revolution only limited to the rural and tribal areas. But the rural support to the naxal revolution downsizing and the naxal revolution pushed to the tribals. Police and administrative reforms are two of the many causes but we cannot give all the credits to them. Here the spread of the education and literacy is the most important cause. Along with the spread of literacy the need for a better life style has been growing among the rural population and tribals. The socio-psychological environment in rural areas changing day by day. So, on which issue the red revolutionaries getting support from the people, is weakening gradually. And the red revolutionaries now shifting their strategy to more violence and creating fear. Which is very much effective in changing sociological environment. In present environment, people wants more security and stability in economic conditions. The Naxals , now the maoists  targeting this soft side of the people psychology. This is clear form the recent issue, Farmer suicides in Orissa. The so called rescuer of the landless farmers , the Maoists don’t want to raise the issue even they have not a commented on a single issue.