“Marriage conclave plunged into river bed in Karnataka”
Md Jamilur Rahman | 29 May 2008

THIRTY NINE people died on spot and in near by hospitals and leaving 35 in badly injured condition. Around 100 passengers were traveling in an open truck to reach on time for organized feast. Among deceased, twelve women and eight children are also included. The bus was ferrying a part of congregation of the marriage from bridegroom’ village to temple for feast. The injured has been rushed to district hospital for first medical care in Arakulgud, 20 km away from spot. The incident occurred today around 3.0 pm by Indian time at Ramnathpura (160 km from Bangalore) village in Hassan district of Karnataka, told by Ramanthpura police inspector to INAS over the phone.

This is not the first incidence where marriage party trapped to death, many cases of similar kind already reported in different part of country in past time.

It is the second mishap occurred in Karnataka after 29th August 2006, where bus loaded with full of passengers plunged from a height of 30 feet in dry river bed. Death might have increased if fallen in overflowing river. The current happening encountered while driver turning the vehicle to avoid high tension wire. On 29th August 2006, the bus plunged in swollen river while avoiding collision from motorbike over bridge. Twenty five people lost their life in the mishap who never knew that they will not return back to see their dependents.

Many incidents reported sporadically from time to time where negligence of a person costs many innocent lives. The mistake could be in a driver of overtaking or third person who do not judge incoming vehicle carefully but finally sufferers are unknown passengers who never thought of this unfortunate end. These incidences of course can be minimized if not stopped completely by checking overdriving, making divider in between the road.

Of course, poor infrastructure account for many of such incidences but other factors also contributes heavily. If you recall your trip to rural areas, you might remember uncountable bridges which desperately need immediate renovation, however, it left in dilapidated condition for many years in spite of several crores budget of central and state government. Should not we look around and talk to local governing bodies to sanctioned funds for repair of these ill conditioned bridges across long roads.

In India, where population is growing geometrically while infrastructure has have been increased linearly during course of time that led to high demand to supply ratio in many facets of life. Every vehicle has certain capacity for safe journey and if you overload them, there is always chance for untoward happening.

Take an example, generally normal bus should carry 60-75 passengers, but in this case also, the bus was carrying more than 100 people and finally met an accident. The driver looses his control if it is overloaded; you might have felt yourself also. We all know it but probably we do not have many choices. Is government doing some thing to increase the transport condition nationally?

High tension wire is a big issue in traffic that needs high attention to be taken care off. People usually succumb to death if it is the reason for an accident. Now most of the places, electricity have been privatized and the infrastructures are being modified but it needs to be accelerated to stop future accidents. If high tension wire can be rerouted at once but can insulated with plastic where it passes the roads and public reach.

As we know, first aid and health care facilities are not in reach of every villages; it is only available at districts or subdivision level. Many lives collapse before reaching hospitals for first aid. We can save many souls by opening local hospitals and training the local people for first aid which does not require medical degree.