Marriages on the rocks
alister1967 | 03 Jan 2011

Marriages between two individuals, is God's way of uniting couples together.

MARRIAGES BETWEEN two individuals, is God’s way of uniting couples together.  In the Christian doctrine we learn that couples stay united even though they do not have a child; and stay united and love one another till death do them part. We see that in these days  a lady is always blamed for not baring a child and even her in law’s  treat her badly and make her do all the work  in the house hold  while her husband has an affair with another lady.

The couples are often faced with this problem getting pregnant the husband, conveniently presumes that the problem lies with his wife.  This is far from true the husband is responsible for infertility in about 35 percent of all cases of infertility. We should take into consideration that we are not machines to reproduce at a press of a button.

Husbands smoke and drink and that is one of the reason that marriages break up due to lack of intimacy between the couples and the bad breath from the mouth of the husbands who smoke.  Husbands should make sure that they smell sweet and that they speak sweetly to their wives and treat, them with respect and so should the wives.

On the other hand the wives should dress up for their husband and always look there best at all times.  

The common problems that leads to infertility in men includes sexual, dysfunctions, faulty sexual techniques problems of coital frequency, and birth defects that impede the disposition of semen in the vagina. In order to impregnate a woman, a man must have at least 20 million sperms per a milliliter of semen.  A minimum of 30per cent of those sperms should be structurally normal and 50 percent should have good movement.

Birth defects in male like hypospadias, a bent penis and a short frenulum may affect the act of sexual intercourse and thus prevent the deposition of semen inside the vagina.  

These are a few tips that will help men maintain good sexual health:

Have a balanced diet and exercise.

Avoid consuming tobacco, liquor and recreational drugs.

Avoid unprotected and casual sex with any other lady apart from your wife.

Don’t resort to the blame game. Consult your doctor first.

Avoid eating fatty foods or rich foods .

We wish you all a happy prosperous new year 2011.